[ Yuhui ] Highly Raved Facial Treatment at IDS Aesthetics - Dew Mist Mi
19 July 2021
Indeed, my skin needs some maintenance as Iit was so dehydrated and looking tired. It been sometime since I last went for a facial. After the last consultation with Dr. Michelle, She straight away recommended me to do the Highly Raved Facial Treatment at IDS Aesthetics, Dew Mist Mi as exactly what my skin is needed.


Well, lets not talks much but show you and share with you what it is all about ~

Dew Mist Mi Treatment Series~



The Facial is so extremely hydrating that not only just moisturize my skin but also leave my skin smooth and glowing after a single session. The Oxy infusion deliver a stream of high pressurized oxygen to the skin’s surface content with IDS Dew Mist Solution. The skin is further hydrated and lifted with the infusion of Dew Mist Moisturizer and Rejuvenating Lift with a soothing low temperature Ion hand piece. 


If you watch my video, the Dew Mist Mask is used not only seal the vitamins and ingredients in the skin but to give it an additional protection against HEV light and pollution and lastly ends with LED light mask for enhanced results. 


Brightens skin
Improve skin clarity
Leaves the skin supple and hydrated
Increase the smoothness feel 
Increase the moisture on the skin
Immediate reduction of fine lines
Yuhui's Thought:  Before everything come along, the Therapist did a skin scrubber for me which helps to loosen and remove oil, dirt and cellular debris from my pores and the top layer of my skin. By doing so, it will achieve a noticeably radiant, healthy glow also it will helps to absorb better. During the whole treatment process, It is really comfy that I dozed off a few time. I was really tired and this treatment gives me a boost. My skin is so hydrated and still looking glowing even I was out the whole day. I will said is a 60mins well spent and this treatment is highly recommended. 


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I'm also in the 3rd month of using IDS Skincare ~


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*Credits to Yuhui

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