Your Favourite Diamond-Dust Perfector Is Back!
16 June 2019

Your Favourite Diamond-Dust Perfector Is Back!

Love Like Your First

That little flutter of excitement when the two of you click together is like the closing of a compact case, and the glow that emanates from your face comes from sheer joy for having found the ONE.

The same emotions apply when it comes to finding the right foundation for you.

But before you find the right one, think about all the frustrations and heartaches that come with the wrong ones – when they don’t sit on your skin and glides off, when they don’t quite conceal your spots and marks, and the color oxidizes by the end of the day. So is there one makeup base that will fit all?

Yes, you’ve got that right – the beloved Diamond Dust Perfector (DD) as many have known it is back!


Your Favourite Diamond-Dust Perfector Is Back!


True to its name, we have Diamond Dust Powder to create a soft-focus effect to help blur any skin imperfections and even out skin tone, leaving you with a filter-like, flawless finish under any lighting. What’s more, it spreads smoothly and blends easily into the skin, offering a medium to full coverage in a natural semi-matte finish. Due to its lush yet very blendable texture, a little goes a long way. Perfect for our hot and humid weather, this lightweight complexion booster is non-oily, non-flaky and non-patchy, making it the ideal makeup base for any skin type, condition and occasion!

Hear what others are saying about IDS DD (@shuyantally), best way to use (@winterchee) and as Her World’s Beauty Awards 2017 Blogger’s Choice Winner.


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