[ Yi Tsing ] IDS Aesthetics Facial Review - Hydro Therapeutics Treatment
13 August 2021

Recently, I dropped by IDS again for a facial and follow-up with my dermatologist. As I have not done facial in a while and one of my biggest concerns was my enlarged pores, the beautician recommended Hydro Therapeutics Treatment which targets clogged pores and stubborn blackheads.


The treatment goes through various layers of cleansing to remove build-up and accumulated dirt, leaving us with a brighter and clearer by the end of the facial. The Hydro Therapeutics Treatment is suitable for all skin types, with your beautician customising your treatment steps for you. 


1) Double cleanse


2) Microdermabrasion

This is a process that will soften my pores, and prepare my face for extraction. 

3) Ultrasonic cleansing


4) Extractions

No photos of the extraction process because I was terrified! I have very low pain tolerance (I almost fainted when I pierced my ears, no joke) so this is my least favourite step of every facial. Ironically, it is precisely because I don't go for facials often enough that my pores are clogged up, creating more dirt for extraction. 
The beautician was extremely gentle with my skin during extraction and I only experienced slight pain during the extraction process — if your pain tolerance is any higher than mine, you'll probably only experience discomfort, or even fall asleep. I was very impressed by her skills!

5) Ultrasonic penetration of vitamin C 

To protect your sensitive skin after the extractions. 

6) Mask

Last but not least, you will be given a whitening, soothing or anti-acne mask depending on your skincare needs. 




There was no down-time to speak of — I only saw minimal redness, even on places with the most extractions taking place (my chin and nose). I went out for a dinner bare-faced right after the facial, and didn't even feel self-conscious. My family also commented that my face seemed less clogged up and immediately brighter after the facial :')
After my facial, I met Dr Ian Tan, my dermatologist, again to discuss my skin concerns. One of the issues that popped up during the month I was using IDS Skincare’s products was the area around my eyes that seem to be perpetually dry.
Dr Ian Tan noted that I might have extra-sensitive skin around that area and thus, prescribed me a product to combat that issue (ER - Eye Rescue), along with an anti-ageing product (A-Plus).

ER - Eye Rescue

This moisturising eye cream is meant to reduce wrinkles and refresh the area around our eyes. According to Dr Ian Tan, the concentrate can be used either before or after putting on moisturiser. 
A little pump goes a long way — this amount is enough to cover the area around both of my eyes!
I enjoy how comforting ER - Eye Rescue feels; it usually soothes my irritated skin immediately upon application.




A-Plus is your best pal if you'd like to combat early ageing. Using a patented Vitamin A molecule, IDS Clinic's A-Plus contains ingredients that are meant to 


  • Reduce sun damage
  • Create an even skin tone and texture
  • Reduce blemishes


Dr Ian Tan recommended me to mix the A-Plus together with my RS - Recovery Serum as I have dry skin. I might need more time to fully tell the difference in my skin, but I'm happy to report that my sensitive skin hasn't protested against A-Plus thus far :)
If you'd like to get a customised treatment plan, visit IDS Clinic for more information. You can visit www.idsskincare.com for more about their products or www.idsaesthetics.com if you wish to know more about the facial treatments!


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My dermatologist is Dr Ian Tan from IDS Aesthetics Novena.


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Products were sponsored by IDS Skincare, but all opinions and experiences written here are strictly and solely my own.



*Credits to Yi Tsing

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