Why We Can’t Get Enough Of This Glow-Boosting Supplement
05 May 2022


Unlike signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles and sagging, a dull complexion can sometimes be tricky to spot. After all, skin can be blemish-free but tired and lacklustre.


A dull complexion is essentially skin that lacks that healthy glow. And it’s often caused by a combination of factors like late nights, accumulation of dead skin cells, lack of moisture and even urban pollution. 


To combat this, skincare is always the first port of call. But for those who are feeling and seeing the effects of stress, incorporating an oral supplement like IDS Lyco-White Ultra in your daily routine can benefit not only your health but also your physical appearance and complexion. When we provide our bodies with the nutrients they need, everything else including our skin improves — after all, our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies.



This easy solution tackles individual concerns from the inside out, addressing a dull, tired complexion and reducing the appearance of pigmentation while protecting the skin at the same time.


Glow from within

Formulated by local dermatological skincare brand, IDS, Lyco-White Ultra features a carefully curated blend of ingredients such as white tomato extract, polypodium leucotomos and pine bark extract to assist with skin radiance and combat UV damage, setting out to show visible improvements with fine lines, wrinkle depth and dullness when taken consistently.



White tomato extract helps to inhibit the production of melanin within. This works to reduce sun damage, keeping complexion clear and even. In addition, polypodium leucotomos extract (found in a fern native to the Amazon) increases your skin’s ability to protect itself against UV rays and the inclusion of anti-inflammatory pine back extract soothes the skin while boosting its antioxidant benefits to shield the skin against the damaging effects of accumulated UV exposure that can cause premature signs of ageing and hyperpigmentation.


More importantly, Lyco-White Ultra is made without any animal-derived ingredients, making it vegetarian and vegan-friendly. It’s also manufactured in Switzerland in GMP certified labs with ECOCERT certification, which means it’s eco-consciously made using sustainably sourced ingredients. Plus, the tablets are free from nasties such as GMO, parabens, silicone and synthetic fragrances and dyes. All it takes is just one tablet a day to get a brighter and healthier complexion.


But do remember that patience is needed especially when it comes to supplements. After all, our skin is the largest organ and it takes time for the benefits to be delivered from top to toe. For visible radiance, it is recommended to take the Lyco-White Ultra continuously for at least three months.


A supercharged formula

If Lyco-White sounds like a familiar name, that’s because it’s not an entirely new. IDS brought back its beloved supplement with a new-and-improved, amped up formula (Lyco-White Ultra) that delivers even better results.


Besides introducing a new ingredient to its formula, pine bark extract, Lyco-White Ultra is made with 1500mg white tomato extract, 50 per cent more compared to the previous iteration. Fun fact: you’re getting the same skin brightening benefits from eating 187 tomatoes with just one tablet of Lyco-White Ultra!



That’s not all. The supplement contains 1000mg, approximately 300 per cent more polypodium leucotomos extract compared than the previous version to strengthen skin’s resilience against sun damage.


Our Tester Says…


“We did give the previous formula a try years ago. But knowing that the improved version not only delivers more effective results but has also reduced the number of tablets to ingest to just one was very much welcomed. Plus, the packaging, now comes in a blister pack and box, which made it much easier to bring around on staycations and travel trips too.


After three weeks, we’ve noticed that our complexion looked less dull and tired, even with back to back late nights. Our stubborn post-blemish marks have also lightened a little.


We also really liked how it complemented our daily skincare regimen. Incorporating this supplement in our daily routine did give us a peace of mind when we’re out and about, knowing that our skin was still being protected.”


Award: Best Beauty Supplements – Brightening (Editor’s Choice)


Winner: IDS Lyco-White Ultra


Lyco-White Ultra, $128 without GST (box of 30 tablets).

Available at IDS outlets, #05-07/08 Novena Specialist Center, Tel: 6568-3559 and #02-01 International Building, Tel: 6450-3555, and https://jyx.shop


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