[ Vivian Tian ] IDS Journey: First Consultation!
07 September 2021
Here's how I typically look like at home.

And this is how bad my skin is even when I am not actively wearing makeup, or getting myself under the sun. It is actually much much better now compared to how it used to be half a year back.
I actually low key feel embarassed to share these photos. x(

My skin haven't been in the best state ever since AOSD and usage of steroids. I get really bad steroid-acne that will never recover due to my suppressed immune system, and scarrings were common even after it recovered. I felt so ugly I hated going out. Life was just home and my bedroom for a while, I eventually became very grumpy and introverted.

Fast forward six months after steroids, here is me. Not the clearest skin I've ever had, it was also getting really dull and dry, and I had multiple stubborn acne(repurcussions of steroid-acne). I've tried all methods I could ever know and nothing helped. So when IDS invited me down to try out their treatment, I did not hesitate to say yes.

I've heard crazy good reviews from many of my blogger friends who had treated their skin issues with them! Despite my fear of scarring and terrible healing rate, and my bad experience with facial therapies..... I've decided Imma be a part of IDS too! FOMO, hahahaha.

So I pop by IDS Clinic, and had my first consultation with Dr Ian to talk about my concerns and to understand my skin. Disclaimer: I've never visited any skin clinic before so I had no clue how it is gonna be like. I was very surprised to have one to one consultation like a doctor's visit. Then again, it's dermatologist that I'm visiting! Hahahaha


Greeted with really nice interior and a bunch of friendly therapists before seeing Doctor Ian! Dr Ian was very patient and nice, and answered my curiosity with no qualms. I also told him about my struggles with AOSD, and how steroids gave me a lot a lot of skin problems, to a point I don't even have the confidence to head out.

Here's a shot of me when I was on steroids.

I also told him about my fears with facial therapies, how I've met bad therapists with caused more harm than good to my very sensitive skin. Also after long term usage of steroids, my skin is even more sensitive and thin now. To a point I developed dermagraphism over the period of medicating.

Dr Ian moved on to explain that I will be going through three different treatments. First being the products that I'll use to tackle all these problems, second is a facial with IDS Aesthetics, third will be the laser therapy which I am super excited to try. He then checked my skin to let me know what problems he will be tackling before my next visit for facial.

The therapist assigned to me then brought me to another room and explain to me how to use the products. I was even given a manual to refer in case I forget the steps, hahaha. Did you know there's even methods to apply the products?!


Here's the range of products I received from IDS Clinic:

(Left to right to front: Delicate Cleanser, Delicate Toner, Facial Scrub, Pore Formula, C Plus, Recovery Serum, Moisture Boost, Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++, Dermashield Mask)

It's a lot, I know. The lazy ass in me only used facial cleanser my whole life, and only started using toner when I was sponsored one to try. I didn't like the stickiness after applying so many products, and even when I found out there are products that aren't sticky, I was too lazy to keep up the beauty regime. It's true when people say, "世界沒有醜女人,只有懶女人", hahahahahaha. I am that lan nv ren, XD

Alright, let's get to explaining the beauty regime crash course I adopted from their very skilledful therapists at IDS!

1. C2 Delicate Cleanser

Dr Ian prescribed the delicate cleanser for my extremely sensitive skin. It's a very gentle cleanser that cleanses very well. Its as if my pores were purged after my first use, it felt really weird. I gradually started loving the after effects and I ended up washing my face with the cleanser whenever I feel icky.

2. Delicate Toner

Again, delicate because my sensitive skin will never be able to tolerate strong toners. The toner helps to remove any remaining residue and dirt, and prep your skin for moisturizers and serum after! Cleaner skins help absorb products better!

3. Facial Scrub

My favorite exfioliating product of, all, times. Exfioliating dries out skin for sure, but the IDS Facial Scrub is very gentle and still does its job. Used only when necessary, and best accompanied with their Dermashield Mask after! Which I usually use once every 2 weeks


4. DermaShield Mask

So, much, love. I pretty much retired all of my other masks ever since I started trying this one. The IDS DermaShield Mask protects skin from damages caused by UV, Infra-Red, and Blue Light. Shields against pollution, at the same time leave skin feeling smooth, moisturized and much more radiant. I kid you not, it has instant brightening effect. The mask also thingles, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and lifted!

5. Pore Formula

As the name states, it targets our pores. This one's hot, literally- This miracle product helps to refine your pores, softens the skin and reduces white heads and black heads. It's as if the blackhead just falls off on it's own and the pores become smaller! Dr Ian recommends to use only on the T-zone or areas you think are more troubled, otherwise it'll cause overdrying. It has been performing really well for me thus far, one week in; can't wait to see results next month before my facial!

6. C Plus (C+)

Finally got my hands on the highly raved C Plus! I have friends who are using this and they really love it, and now I love it too. HAHA. The C Plus is serum is formulated with potent form of Vitamin C, and it has insane whitening properties. It also stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This smells a-maz-ing. I would always pump out extra so I can apply it to my neck and elbows, hahahhaha. I am finally turning into Snow White. As the old ones always say, "一白遮三丑"! XD

7. Recovery Serum (RS)

I was told to mix one pump of RS with one pump of MB everytime I use it. Like your favorite cuppa, the RSMB combo will perk your skin up. This one here is very very important, especially for someone like me with terrible immunity. The recovery serum helps to reduce redness and irritation, stabilizes skin immunity and capillary integrity. It basically aids your skin with recovery, and with MB, it can restores damaged skin efficiently!

8. Moisture Boost (MB)

I would love to explain in my own words for this one, but I really wouldn't do it any justice. So here's how they are introducing it!:

This creamy formulation works beyond just keeping the skin moisturized. It boasts a powerful curated blend of ingredients that includes essential ceramides, skin-repairing and emollient ingredients to help you restore and maintain the natural protective function of the skin’s barrier function, as well as restore damaged skin, leaving skin supple, bouncy and radiant.

One thing they missed out, it. is. NOT. sticky!!!!! No more annoying sticky moisturizer! AAAHHHH, THE FUTURE IS NOWWWWWWWWW

9. Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

BB cream is now Bye bye cream. I have to admit, I retired every single one of my skincare product and hopped onto the IDS train. Including my base coverage + sunscreen, hahaha. The tinted sunscreen leaves a matte finish, with powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. It's really light and provides minimal coverage but with better skin, why would you need such heavy coverage anyway? ;)

Aaaaannnd, I've finally come to an end with the introduction of the products. I'll pop an update soon after my second visit to show you guys the difference. I am so excited to see how IDS is going to transform me! Haven't seen clear skin in almost 2 years, I can finally show myself to the world again, T_T

Don't forget the handy dandy notebook!
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*Credits to Vivian Tian

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