[ Tracy ] My IDS Journey: Cryo Therapeutics Treatment - The Coldest Facial in IDS Aesthetics
06 August 2021

Hey people!

In February, I visited IDS Aesthetics with a jawline breakout and tried the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT). It was much needed to unclog my pores, flatten my pimple bumps and lighten those hideous acne marks.

By the time I went for my next consultation with Dr Benjamin Yim in the next month, the dark marks along my jawline were barely visible. Talk about tremendous and speedy improvements!

As part of my collaboration with IDS, I was supposed to go for a laser therapy in my 3rd session. Nonetheless, I was uncomfortable with it because my facial skin is sensitive towards treatments that involve heat.


Thankfully, IDS understood my concerns and recommended me to go for a Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT) instead. Apparently, both CTT and HTT were the most popular facial in IDS. What an honour for me to try them both! The CTT, in particular, is suitable for dull and sensitive skin. It also happens to be the coldest facial in IDS!


My skin may react badly to heat but when it comes to anything cold, it embraces it! Thus, I was happy as a lark to go for the CTT because I knew that i would enjoy every moment of it.


Similarly to the HTT, this facial is also a 1-hour process and it truly ends by the 1-hour mark. I love a thorough and non-daggy facial, especially when it was done by a meticulous beautician.

After double cleansing, the facial started with microdermabrasion (pic on left) which uses a vacuum suction to exfoliate my dead skin cells. It also loosens the pores so that it could facilitate easy removal of whiteheads and blackheads during the extraction process.

I was surprised at how minimal the pain was during extraction. I would usually wince when it comes to extracting whiteheads on my nose, but this time, the pain was so tolerable that I had hardly any reaction.

With the help of a CryoProbe (pic on right), vitamins and brighteners were infused into my skin to nourish it with nutrients. The probe was chilling but I loved the sensation to bits! It was the most relaxing and shiok moment of the facial.


To end off the facial, I wore an absolutely hydrating sheet mask with a generous amount of essence. Once again, the CryoProbe was used to enhance the absorption of the essence into my skin.


I was then left to rest for a good 15 minutes while the mask soothed my skin and worked its magic. 

I could not believe my eyes when I saw how fabulous my skin looked right after the CTT. It just made me love this facial EVEN MORE!

Honestly, I was already quite pleased with my skin condition when I came for my consultation, but the 'After' results told me that I could actually achieve better. The most obvious result was my brightened and glowy skin. My pores seemed to have shrunk immediately as well.

Thanks to the cold temperature of the entire facial, it has helped to reduce redness on my face, leaving behind a fair and smooth complexion. I am sold! Can my skin look this good everyday?

Besides walking out of IDS Aesthetics with a bare face and immense skin confidence, I left with a bag of lovely skincare goodies, customized to my skin type as well.

IDS was such a dear to top up my customized skincare set even though I was not done with my current stash yet. Oh well, happy to have new ones to turn to when I run out of my products! Thank you IDS for taking care of my skin for the past 4 months!

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Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Skincare & Studio 155. Reviews are based on personal experiences.


*Credits to Tracy

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