This Award-Winning Facial Promises To Give Glass Skin Like A Korean Celeb
10 February 2022

Hands up if you find your complexion looking tired and dull when you look in the mirror. There are a few reasons why this is happening. Ageing, stress, late nights and even constant exposure to environmental aggressors like pollution can leave complexion lacklustre and fatigued. However, one of the biggest causes is simply the lack of hydration. 


When skin is dry or dehydrated, it can leave skin looking dull and sallow. In addition, dehydrated skin is also more prone to fine lines, wrinkles and roughness, which can worsen that tired looking complexion. 


The answer: Plump skin with moisture to get it happy, healthy and glowing once more. Even better? IDS Aesthetics’ Dew Mist Mi is here to do just that, and more. 



What You Can Expect


Touted to be an extremely hydrating facial, the Dew Mist Mi treatment focuses on giving maximum hydration and moisture replenishment for your tired and lacklustre complexion. 


The stars of the treatment are a combination of different therapies alongside specially created Dew Mist products to leave skin smooth, supple and luminous. 


After cleansing and exfoliation with a sonic skin scrubber, an oxygen infusion (which contains fermented soy peptides to boost cellular respiration) aids the skin in absorbing the Dew Mist Oxygen Serum.


Next, the skin is further hydrated and lifted with a blend of the Dew Mist Moisturising Essence and Dew Mist Rejuvenating Lift Cream that is worked into the skin with an ion handpiece and ultrasound therapy. The former contains saccharide isomerate, niacinamide, hyaluronic and ceramides to keep skin hydrated for longer, while the latter is enriched with multi-peptides to erase away the appearance of lines and improve elasticity for a smooth and more youthful looking complexion. 


This is followed by the Dew Mist Mask that not only seals in the active ingredients the skin but also protects against blue light damage. To finish, a 15-minute red LED light therapy  session boosts the effects of the mask and products applied prior while rejuvenating the skin at the same time. 


In just one session, you’ll emerge with a smooth, bouncy and glowing complexion. 


Our Tester Says… 


“The oxygen infusion was so gentle that it could even be used over the delicate eye area, which was great because the area tends to be dry and I often find myself plagued with fine lines. The ultrasound therapy that massaged the Dew Mist Moisturising Essence and Dew Mist Rejuvenating Lift Cream felt like a gentle facial massage and lulled me dangerously close to sleep. When it’s all over, I looked in my face in the mirror and I’ve never seen my skin so glowy before. My complexion felt so soft, the lines around my eyes were noticeably less obvious and I’m amazed at how clear my skin looked. 


Even after a few days, my glow was still there. In fact, I felt completely confident to meet friends bare-faced.” 



Award: Best Medispa Glass-Skin Facial

Winner: IDS Aesthetics Dew Mist Mi



For more information, visit IDS Aesthetics, #02-01 International Building, Tel: 6450-3555; #05-07/08 Novena Specialist Center, Tel: 6568-3559



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