The Secret To This Doctor's Glassy Skin
23 July 2019

Dr Brendan Khong (@brendannnnk) shares his 10-step skincare regime and more.  

You may have heard of Dr Brendan Khong earlier this year who attracted lots of media hype with his incredibly glass-like skin, so much so that New York City based beauty website @IntoTheGloss and later Daily Mail Australia ran interviews of his beauty regime. Originally from Singapore but currently living and working in Bristol, United Kingdom, Dr Khong shares what it takes to achieve skin like his.



How did it all begin?

Not going to lie, I’ve been blessed with relatively good skin all my life. But genetics doesn’t dictate how your skin ages. I know that we can’t change our genetics but we can control the extrinsic factors, such as the sun, pollution, smoking, skincare choices and nutrition. Consistency is really the key to everything that you do. That said, do I have lazy days? 100%!  


How did you learn about IDS?

Every day we are bombarded with social ads, clever marketing gimmicks and beautifully retouched images. It was in 2015 when I discovered IDS through a friend. While researching on the services that IDS offers, I came across many highly-raved skincare product reviews and aesthetic treatments which seemed to have worked for many. My interest was piqued.


Although I felt like there was a lot of hype surrounding IDS, I decided to find out for myself. I tried making an appointment weeks in advance for a consultation to see how I could take my skin to the next level.


What was your experience at IDS Clinic like?

The first thing that I noticed when I stepped into IDS Clinic was how polite and organised everything was. As a savvy customer who has been to many different clinics, this really set IDS Clinic apart. The consultation with Dr YX Lum was detailed, thorough and she took into account my skin conditions at the time. What I like about Dr Lum is that she is honest, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. After the consultation, I was so convinced that I felt the urge to buy EVERYTHING but Dr Lum advised that I should probably try a few products first before committing fully.


What do you look for in skincare products?

As a medical doctor, I am naturally most interested in the ingredients that go into my skincare. Do I believe that natural is better? No. Are chemicals bad for the skin? No. H2O is a chemical. My pet peeve are the scare mongering natural-is-better brands. Being a skincare aficionado, I have tried and gone through many bottles, jars and tubes of skincare products. I do not believe in products that claim to fix it all with just one application. But when I find a skincare range that works, I would stick to it. IDS Skincare is one - C-Plus (C+) is one of my ‘holy grail’ products.


When I first started with IDS Clinic, I had generally good skin but I wanted to future-proof my skin. I want my skin to glow so much so that you can see your future in it! I believe that my IDS regime has helped get me there.


What is your IDS regime like?

In the morning, I cleanse with 1) Delicate Cleanser (C2) which is low foaming and doesn’t strip the skin of essential moisture. Surface dryness is a huge problem and using the wrong cleanser can exacerbate the problem. Next comes 2) C-Plus (C+), which is one of my favourite serums of all time. I go through at least 3 bottles a year! This little wonder supports collagen production, lightens any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and provides the skin with essential nutrition to support the deeper layers. The water-like texture of this serum also allows for layering. I also love that this vitamin C serum doesn’t cause any irritation nor stings my skin. Depending on the time of year, I sometimes use 3) Pore Formula (PF) which keeps my pores taut and prevents an oil slick from occurring. The 4) Rejuvenating Complex (RC) which I use from my hairline to my décolletage, is an anti-aging wonder that supports the collagen layers and relaxes any fine lines and wrinkles.


Living in a pollution-ridden city like London, protecting the skin against pollution is very important and that’s why I use 5) DermaShield Serum (DS). Depending on the season, 6) Oil-free moisturiser (OM) or Intensive Moisturiser (IM) is next, followed by 7) Eye Rescue (ER). A generous coating of 8) Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ (S2) and 9) Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ (S1) seals everything in. Depending on where I’m going that day, I sometimes use 10) Diamond-Dust Perfector (DD), which has diamond powder to help even out my complexion. It is also important to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day – I bring S1 everywhere I go! I know it sounds like a lot, but layering your products gives that added layer of protection to the skin.


My evening skincare routine starts with Cleansing Milk (C3), and then everything as above minus the sunscreens and DD. I sometimes replace C+ with A-Plus (A+) as the Retinaldehyde penetrates deeper into the dermal layer to stimulate the fibroblast cells and it really helps to refine the skin. A couple of times a week, I will also use Probiotic Mask (PM) mixed with DermProbiotic to prevent unwanted breakouts, especially around the jawline, where I shave.


Sounds like a lot indeed! How long is your skincare regime?

You’d probably think that it’d take a long time for me to apply all my products. However, I am happy to report that it takes less than 8 minutes to get everything onto my face and neck!


What facial treatments have you tried?

IDS Aesthetics Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) or Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT) - both of which include extractions – my favourite part in a facial. Extractions are vital in keeping your pores clean. If clogged pores are not clean, they cannot be minimised. I strongly believe that facial treatments have to go hand in hand with your daily skincare regime in order to optimise your skin condition.


What are the 3 IDS products that you’ll recommend to everyone?

Delicate Cleanser (C2), C-Plus (C+) and Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ (S1).


Last but not the least …

Ever since embarking on my journey with IDS, family, friends, and even strangers have all commented on my skin. I’ve also converted many to become fans of IDS. My mum is now a regular at IDS and she loves the products too!


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