[ That Mom of Four ] The IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) Journey - Second Visit
20 August 2021

On my first visit to IDS, I had my skin condition assessed and was prescribed a customised set of IDS Skincare products to use for a month before coming back for my second appointment where I would have a facial done as well.


I was really happy to know that my skin hydration level was now better and I actually felt that it was better able to absorb products that I apply onto it too. Point to note though, it helps alot to massage your face while applying it. Feels so relaxing and I enjoyed my morning and nightly routine of doing this while applying the different products.


My Second Visit: Pep.Blu DEEP Facial


Now when it comes to keeping our skin lifted, I do think the massaging helps to a certain extent but there comes a point when it can't bring about any further improvements or reverse aging effects. 


Well fret not, of course there are solutions. And one of these solutions I recently tried is the Pep.Blu DEEP Facial treatment at IDS Aesthetics.  This innovative treatment uses a unique and non-invasive DEEP Electropration Technology to create access in the skin in order to allow the absorption of the solution right to the hypodermic and muscle membranes which typically is not possible if used along with traditional penetration machines or devices instead. 


Along with the proprietary Pep.Blu Serum, this facial treatment can deliver a potent amount of skin lightening ingredients into the dermis and stimulate cells to increase collagen levels as well as fibroblast and elastin levels. What does this all mean? Put simply, there's a noticeable lifting effect!


In fact, fine lines and wrinkles can effectively be reduced while leaving the skin rejuvenated and firmer. This really is a great anti-aging facial treatment which I highly recommend if you're afraid of needles.


What to expect

- Firmer skin that looks lifted

- Brighter skin tone

- More toned facial muscles

- Improved skin clarity and elasticity

- A sharper jawline / V shape contour


The Facial Treatment Process


It starts off with a Double Cleanse to prepare the skin for the treatment followed by a MDX/HydroD procedure which really is a Water dermabrasion using multi minerals packed solution. This really was very comfortable in case you're wondering.


After the Water dermabrasion, the Pep.Blu DEEP and Pep.Blu Serum were applied before the Pep. Blu Mask and LED were placed on my face.

Again this was a very comfortable process and I just felt so relaxed throughout the facial. 

After the mask was removed, moisturiser was applied on my face followed by sunscreen and I was off to teach classes again =)


Review of the use of IDS Skincare Products after a month.


You can read more about the product attributes in my earlier bog entry here.


1. Pore Formula

This ultra light pore refining solution with NEULASTIN absorbs into my skin so easily and I actually noticed that the size of my pores are smaller. This is great for those who need some help to reduce the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads as well to reduce the size of your pores.




2. C Plus

After 2 months of using this serum, I feel that my skin is less oily during the day and some of the sun spots that I had though faint were literally disappearing.

Clear and lightweight, its so easily absorbed into the skin. I'd recommend this to those who need something to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while lightening the marks from blemishes for a more even skin tone.




3. Rejuvenating Complex

This is really one of the reasons why the moisture level in my skin improved over the past month. With ingredients within it including Elastin and Sodium Hyaluronate, it works to bring up the suppleness and youth factor in our skin and I noticed that the fine lines I had became much more faint.




4. Recovery Serum

Since using this serum for the past 2 months, I noticed that the redness on the creases at the sides of my nose have gone away. That used to be an area where redness and irritation showed up and you could even notice tiny capillaries when that happens. Happy to say that I can't really spot the tiny red lines now thanks to this serum that provides anti-aging care for sensitive skin and improves capillary integrity too.




5. Moisture Boost

I'm actually quite picky when it comes to moisturizers but this I like so much because it helps to soothe my sensitive skin while boosting the hydration levels and not leaving an oily sheen after application. 


Look how watery it is! So easy to apply and so lightweight on my skin. I use it even when I'm indoors the whole day because it protects against Blue Light from our laptops and phones and even protects our skin against pollution.



Yes, I do pile on all 6 of these products and use them together but it sure pays off!


Next entry into my blog for my journey with IDS Clinic will include my review of a laser treatment with the doctor and another top up of these amazing skincare products.



*Credits to That Mom of Four

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