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16 August 2021
ids clinic


I rarely put on makeup. I find that putting on makeup is tiring and expensive. Therefore, I focus a lot on my skincare. Through my years of reviewing skincare, I learned one thing. Everyone’s skin type is different no matter how similar it seems. Thus, it is important to use personalised skincare products and treatments for your skin to thrive in the best conditions.


Innovative Dermatological Solutions


IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions)

IDS, Innovative Dermatological Solutions, is Singapore leading aesthetics skincare group. They believe that every women’s secret dream is to be confident in their bare face and be able to leave the house with no make-up. To uncover everything and bare one’s flaws is a scary venture but with IDS, this does not need to be as horrifying as one imagined. IDS is a new standard of innovation in skincare where customised skincare and aesthetics treatment were created for different individuals. This ensures that people of different skin types can get the right kind of skincare and treatments for their skin.


IDS Aesthetics

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IDS Clinic

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IDS Skincare

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ids locations


IDS Clinic Locations

There are two locations that one can choose to go to. One at the Novena Specialist Center and the other at the International Building. The IDS Clinic at International Building is the newly renovated flagship store. I decided to go to the flagship store to check out what is new with IDS plus, it is easier for me to go shopping afterwards.


IDS Flagship store

360 Orchard Rd, #02-02 International Building, Singapore 238869 


IDS Clinic

Novena Specialist Center, 8 Sinaran Drive, # 05-07/8/9/10, Singapore 307470


Experience at IDS Clinic


Experience at IDS Clinic

Registration with the trace together token or trace together app is needed to ensure contact tracing. Thereafter, I filled up a form as I await in their waiting space. The interior of the flagship store was modern and elegant. On one of the walls, there’s a list of their award-winning skincare products and most popular items. There’s also a wall filled with polaroids of their customers. Previously, they offer free beverages to the customers but because of Covid’19, they were forced to close their beverage bar. Safety distancing rules were also imposed throughout the clinic. The movable seats were separated and there were marks on the fixed seats.


ids skincare


Dr Michelle

I was assigned to Dr Michelle. She is elegantly dressed with an air of confidence to her. Upon removal of my mask, she was able to identify my skin concern instantly. She was firm and professional in her diagnosis, prescribing the skincare products at the speed of light. It made me feel like I was in an actual doctor’s clinic, trying to get medicine for the problems that I have been ignoring. The whole process took under 5 minutes before I was ushered to the next room where the nurse will explain to me more about IDS Skincare.


ids skincare products


IDS Skincare

IDS Skincare is IDS group’s sub-branding that provides skin care products that are extensively tested by independent third-party research organisations. These skincare products were made to deliver highly visible results that surpass those achieved by most prescription products, without the side effects they often cause.


IDS provide a customised skincare range for every user, ensuring that we will be naturally radiant. The skincare range prescribed is according to your skin type. Every user will have a different skincare range and routine according to your skin’s needs.


skincare products before ids


My Skin condition before IDS

I have combination skin – oily T-zone and dry U-zone. Therefore, Dr Michelle prescribed me a range of skincare to battle my oily – blemished prone skin problems. Dr Michelle also noticed my large opened pores on my cheeks and my forehead. Thus, the Pore Formula was prescribed to me for this problem. Another unique serum that was incorporated in my skincare range is the C-Plus. C-Plus contains vitamin C and water-soluble Vitamin E. It helps with ageing and inflammation issues.


imageids skincare customised


Further Explanation of the Customised IDS Skincare


The nurse assisting Dr Michelle took photos of my ‘before’ face to track my process throughout this journey. She also showed and explain to me how to use these products patiently. I like how she was able to answer my questions in detailed, explaining what every ingredient does. That was very professional of her.


After the explanation, I was led to the waiting area. They prepared my customised skincare products before calling me over. What I find interesting is when the staff showed me the products, they even open all the unsealed boxes to show me that the products inside are sealed and unopened. This is such a unique and professional practice.


ids clinic international building


All in all, IDS Clinic is a modern and professional clinic that helps women uncover and be more confident about their bare skin. I like how the process felt like I was at a doctor’s clinic for that system gave the clinic a professional ambience.


ids skincare flatlay


Introduction to Customised Skincare


To battle, the excess sebum opened pores and dull skin tone, Dr Michelle prescribed me with a set of 8 customised skincare products. My daily skincare set contains:

  • Refreshing Cleanser
  • Refreshing Toner
  • Pore Formula
  • C-Plus
  • Oil-Free Moisturiser
  • Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA++


Once to twice a week, I have to use the facial scrub to thoroughly cleanse my pores and the Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask to detoxify and replenish my skin.


informative packaging


Unique and Informative packaging

The unique factor about the packaging is how you’re able to open up the boxes to find additional information about the company and their popular products in it. Additionally, it also states the active ingredients and what these active ingredients do to help your skin. This is such an exclusive and informative feature that utilised every inch of space on the boxes. I like it.


ids mission

We believe that it is almost every woman’s secret dream to be confident and radiant enough to leave the house with no make-up.

That’s why the IDS creative expression empowers women to stop hiding their imperfections and instead celebrate themselves and their beautiful skin.


refreshing cleanser


Step 1: Refreshing Cleanser

I was given a refreshing cleanser for normal to oily/blemish-prone skin. The refreshing cleanser contains a sulfur-based ingredient to control blemishes. 


refreshing cleanser review


The cleanser contains a variety of botanical extracts including witch hazel extract as its active ingredients. These botanical extracts have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. That help with calming down one’s skin.


Refreshing Cleanser Review


Refreshing Cleanser Review

The refreshing cleanser is a light gel-like a cleanser that spreads easily on the skin. I was advised to foam the cleanser before usage and wash my face with the bubbles.


foaming net cleanser


I used the foaming net to create bubbles from the refreshing cleanser. Then I spread the bubbles onto my face before rinsing it off. The foams of the cleanser help minimize damages to the skin caused by harsh rubbing. Additionally, it minimises the stripping of moisture of the skin. These bubbles act as a barrier to protect your skin from yourself.


After cleansing, my face felt smooth and clean. The refreshing cleanser can also be used to remove the tinted sunscreen.


refreshing toner


Step 2: Refreshing Toner

Toners are used to prepare the skin before you use other products. There are different kinds of toners of different skin types. I was given the normal to oily/blemish-prone skin toner. 


refreshing toner ids


It has botanical extracts such as witch hazel leaf extract that helps with anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it also has Centella Asiatica extract. It has anti-bacterial, antipsoriatic and wound-healing properties


refreshing toner review


Refreshing Toner Review

The refreshing toner is used to prepare the skin before the application of other products. It comes in a spray bottle for easier usage. It was supposed to act as a mist but I was advised to spray on a cotton pad before applying it onto the face.


As a rebel, I decided to ignore that advice and spray it directly onto my face. It ended up going into my mouth and ear. At that point, I understand why that advice was given. In the end, I proceed with the advice and use a cotton pad instead. It has a nice sweet smell and it gets absorbed into my skin quickly. A great way to prepare skin for serums and other products.


pore formula


Step 3: Pore Formula

The pore formula is an ultra-light pore refining solution that effectively cleans pores and reduces blemishes. 


pore formula ids


Tea tree oil is part of the pore formula’s active ingredients. It has effective anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. The lilac extract in the Pore Formula also helps reduce excess sebum production and control inflammation.


pore formula review


Pore Formula Review

The Pore Formula is opaque and spreads out thin. It has a strong tea tree oil smell to it. The Pore Formula gives a slight chilling and tingling sensation when applied. It becomes sticky during the process of absorbing and it gives a glossy look when it is fully absorbed. It does not feel sticky after absorption. Since the Pore Formula is used to minimise large pores and reduce excess sebum production, it is only to be used on my T-zone.




Step 4: C-Plus

C Plus is a vitamin C serum for improved skin tone and texture. It has a combination of antioxidant, oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Vitamin C is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, lighten blemish marks and even out skin tone. This multi-tasking age-fighter also help tackle wrinkles, loss of firmness and acne.




Fullerenes, one of the active ingredients of C-Plus are carbon molecules that help neutralise free radicals. They are also known to suppress melanin and sebum production.


c-plus review


C-Plus Review

C-Plus is a serum created to hydrate and brighten your skin. It is light and spreads across the face easily. The pump function made the serum easily accessible. You can even use the serum under your eyes too. The serum has a scent that is similar to Hyaluronic acid serum. Despite its thin texture, it took longer than the pore refiner to be absorbed.


After C-plus has been absorbed, I use my eye cream at this step before using the moisturiser.


oil-free moisturiser


Step 5: Oil-free Moisturiser

This moisturiser has a light oil-free formulation for super hydration. The Oil-free moisturiser contains three active ingredients – Niacinamide, Ascorbyl glucose and Hyaluronic acid. 


ids moisturiser


Niacinamide helps with smoothening and anti-inflammatory action for the skin. Additionally, it allows for a more even skin tone. Ascorbyl glucose has a high potency Vitamin C derivative with moisturising and anti-photoaging properties. It is stable and suitable for oily skin. Lastly, Hyaluronic acid has strong moisturising properties, perfect for hydrating your skin.


oil-free moisturiser review


Oil-free Moisturiser Review

The oil-free moisturiser has a similar scent as the pore refiner. It spreads across the skin easily, leaving a silky finish to it. One pump is enough to spread evenly across the whole face and even some excess on the neck. I applied the moisturiser in an upwards swiping motion to ensure that the cream was evenly spread.


tinted sunscreen


Step 6: Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

The IDS Tinted Sunscreen is a chemical-free, 100% mineral actives water/sweat resistant sunscreen. It contains 12.16% Zinc Oxide and it has broad-spectrum sun protection against UVB and UVA rays.


tinted sunscreen review


Since I had a medium skin tone, I was prescribed an S3 Tinted Sunscreen. I was also required to apply two layers of it to ensure I’m reaping its maximum benefits.  


tinted sunscreen
tinted sunscreen swatch


Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ Review

Due to my darker skin tone, I was given S3 Tinted Sunscreen. The tinted sunscreen was very thin and light. It did not feel thick or cakey. I like how it does not feel sticky or thick. After the sunscreen was fully absorbed, I applied a second layer. The second layer was required for maximum coverage and protection from the sun. 


ids facial scrub


IDS Facial Scrub

The IDS Facial Scrub contains Jojoba esters, spherical shaped micro-beads that help to clear pores without causing microscopic tears on the skin. 


facial scrub


These ultra-fine beads gently unclog impurities for a smoother and more radiant complexion without damaging your skin. It is also gentle enough for sensitive and blemish-prone skin.


facial scrub usage


IDS Facial Scrub Usage

  1. Cleanse your face with a cleanser
  2. Apply a small amount of facial scrub to damp face and neck
  3. Gently massage skin in a circular motion, adding water as necessary
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

Use the facial scrub once to twice a week. Do note that excessive use may cause dryness, peeling or irritation.


ids facial scrub review


IDS Facial Scrub Review

The Jojoba ester texture is evident when you apply it across your skin. I like mixing it with water first before using it for it makes it smoother and easier to spread. The facial scrub has a strong scent to it. Usage of this facial scrub reminds me of mini massage since the microbeads not only cleanse your pores but help your blood circulate as well.


scrub review


After washing off the scrub, my face felt clear and thoroughly cleanse. The superficial whiteheads disappeared too. It’s such a great way to cleanse your pore quickly.


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask

Aside from sun rays, the blue light emitted from digital devices causes premature ageing as well. Environmental pollutants and any other sources of light are a contributing factor as well. The anti-blue light facial mask detoxifies the skin and protects our skin from free radical damage. It has four active ingredients that provide your skin with adequate protection from oxidative stress.


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask


Apple Fruit Extract – It is high in antioxidants and helps boost skin elasticity. It helps protects the skin from free radical damager as well.


Leontopodium Alponum Extract - In vitro test shows the ability to stimulate several key genes and proteins for maximum protection and moisturization of the skin. Leontopodium Alponum Extract is a strong antioxidant that rebalances UV-induced oxidative and pro-inflammatory stress markers on the gene level.


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask review


Celendula Officinalis Flower Extract – It is known for its anti-inflammatory property or as a wound healer. It contains Lutein that absorbs and filters out the high-energy visible light that may result in skin damage by as much as 90%.


Globularia Cordifolia Callus Culture Extract - Detoxifies skin by eliminating damaged proteins and other accumulated environmental wastes. It also protects from oxidative stress thereby reducing the effects of cellular ageing.


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask Usage

  1. Cleanse the face
  2. Use a toner to prepare the face first
  3. Remove the mask from plastic sheets
  4. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Massage the serum into the face
  6. Follow with your moisturiser if needed.


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask review


Anti-Blue Light Facial Mask Review

I like how the masks were beautifully packaged in this fancy box. Each box contains 10 masks and they were presented in such a modern fashion.


The mask is to be used once a week. I was warned that the sheet mask will be icy cold, a great sensation to enjoy when you’ve been out all day. However, if you are in an air-conditioned room, the icy cold sensation will give you a shock. It is no doubt that this is the most cooling mask that I’ve tried on. The packet contains at least another mask worth of serum. It is great for that means you can use the excess serum to moisturise your neck and body.


Anti-blue Light Facial Mask Review Before and After


Anti-blue Light Facial Mask Review Before and After

After 20 minutes, my skin looked distinctively brighter and much more hydrated. It also looked fairer and glossier. I find that the anti-blue light facial mask is a unique sheet mask. Normally, sheet masks are for hydration or whitening purposes while this was created to protect your skin from UV rays, environmental pollutants, blue light and any other sources of light. Little did I know blue lights and other man-made lights are the sources of premature ageing. It is great that such products are created to shield our skin from dangerous pollutants and lights.


Review of My IDS Customised Skincare


Review of My IDS Customised Skincare

All in all, the whole skincare routine took a shorter time to complete than expected. The products did help with the excess sebum reduction at the T-zone area but it also caused redness on my cheeks and the middle of my eyebrows after usage. There was also a slight outbreak around my chin area but I believe that was because my skin was not used to such a sudden change plus, I was going through a stressful period of my life. After my skin got used to the new skincare routine, my complexion looked different. It not only looks fairer but it is smoother as well. There is still slight redness on my cheeks but it is not redder than its usual shade. I guess I’m just constantly embarrassed.


I’ll be documenting the rest of my IDS journey from the skincare updates to the treatment in the coming months so do check back often!



*Credits to Shi Hui

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