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10 September 2021

New year, new facial treatment. In the previous IDS, Innovative Dermatological Solutions, Skincare post, I touched on the new range of skincare products for my 2021 skincare routine. Now that some time has passed and my skin has adapted to the new routine, it’s time for a follow-up. 

In case you’ve forgotten what is IDS, here’s a quick run-down.




IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions)

IDS, Innovative Dermatological Solutions, is Singapore leading aesthetics skincare group that provides customised skincare and aesthetics treatment. Such customisation ensures that people of different skin types can get the right kind of skincare and treatments for their skin. IDS mission is to give all women the confidence to walk out of their house with their bare skin.


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IDS Skincare Product Review - After 1 month

Before we jump into the facial, let’s do a quick update on my IDS skincare regime. 


I’ve received 8 customised skincare products in my previous consultation with Dr Michelle. The skincare set contains:

  • Refreshing Cleanser
  • Refreshing Toner
  • Pore Formula
  • C-Plus
  • Oil-Free Moisturiser
  • Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA++


When I started using the products, I noticed some redness around my cheeks and my forehead. After almost a week, my skin has gotten used to the products. The redness is now non-existence.

However, I still do feel slight dryness and tightness around my cheeks. I wondered if the products were too strong for my dry U-Zone.


My Favorite IDS Skincare Product

My favourite product is C+. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the perfect combination for fighting wrinkles, loss of firmness and acne. 

C+ allows my skin to feel hydrated without feeling heavy, the perfect product for everyday usage. 




Second Consultation + Facial Treatment with IDS

It has been 1 and a half month since the last appointment. The last time I was there, the store was rather empty whereas this time, it was swarmed. Clinic assistants attend to the customers speedily. No patient was dormant at their seats for long. We were either filling up forms or attended by an assistant. 

Despite that, I would still suggest that if possible, book your appointment on weekdays if you want your follow-up visits to be quicker. Do note that they are closed on Sundays so Saturdays are always a mad rush for them.

I reached the store at 3pm for my 3:15pm appointment. As I was checking in, I was notified that my facial treatment was scheduled for 4pm. I was shocked. The clinic assistants calmed me down and reschedule their appointments for me, slotting me in at their next available timeslot. 

After I was done checking in and filling up the declaration forms, I was guided to Dr Michelle’s room.


Consultation with Dr Michelle

Dr Michelle was dressed in a disposable gown. It seemed like she rushed in from another appointment. 

As we both settle down in our seats, she asked me how was my skin. I relayed to her the issues I faced while using the skincare. After glancing at my skin, Dr Michelle immediately identifies the main cause of my skincare problem, the Pore Formula. 

Instead of using that product every day, I was advised to use it once every few days. She carried on to tell me that based on her recommendation, I will be doing the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) that session. 

As swiftly as the previous consultation, I was ushered out of the room like a shot.




Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT)

IDS Aesthetics have many facial treatment services. I was recommended the HTT for it helps eliminate clogged pores and blackheads. This award-winning treatment works with most skin types except for those with hypersensitive skin and those battling with an allergic outbreak.

The HTT cleanse your skin on a deeper level to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up and clogged sebum that no regular cleanser can. It is high recommended for people that wear lots of makeup daily to do this at least once a month. Think of it as starting your month with a clean slate. 

In essence, the HTT helps you with:

  • Crystal clear skin
  • Unclogged pores
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Increase collagen production
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles


Double Cleansing - First Layer

I was ushered into a simplistic-looking treatment room by my esthetician, Wei Shy. Wei Shy was a cheerful and friendly person. We got along well as she laughed at my lame Dad jokes and entertained my crazy ideas.

After storing my belongings in the small closet space, we started the HTT by double cleansing my face. The first-cleanser she used felt similar to the refreshing cleanser that I was using on a daily basis. It was light and fresh.

Wei Shy gently kneaded my face, giving me a comfortable facial massage as I was serenaded by the soft classical music.




Double Cleansing - Second Layer

To ensure that my face is spotless, a second cleanser was used. This cleanser was a foam cleanser. It foams up easily and felt soft as well.




After Cleansing

After she rinsed off the cleanser, my face felt sparkling clean.

However, that feeling is an illusion since there’s still plenty of black and white head stuck in my enlarged pores. This is where we go into phase two of our facial.




MDX (microdermabrasion) / HydroD (water dermabrasion that includes use of multi minerals solution)

Wei Shy excused herself after cleansing my face. A few seconds later, a machine emerged at the doorway. My jaws drop as I watched this marvelous piece of technology settled beside me. 

Known as the MDX, microdermabrasion or HydroD, water dermabrasion that includes use of multi minerals solution, this machine is used to suck out the dirt in your pores, vacuuming away the excess sebum.




Exfoliate with MDX/HydroD

The machine had this tiny suction cup as its mouth, resembling a mini vacuum cleaner. Like the regular-sized vacuum cleaner, the MDX/ HydroD’s main job is to get all the dirt from my pores. 

Since everyone’s skin has a different thickness, my esthetician adjusted the strength of the machine so that I do not get tiny circles on my face.

As the machine grazes across my skin, water was expelled concurrently. The water helps reduces the friction between the skin and the vacuum.




After exfoliating with MDX/HydroD

After exfoliation, my skin did feel cleaner. I thought that was it but little did I know, that was only the beginning of my Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment.




Ultrasonic cleansing

Wei Shy pushed the machine out and pull another machine next to me. This time, instead of using this machine, we are only using the light at the side of the machine for this step.

She slid open the drawer and took out an ultrasonic cleanser. This handheld machine is known to help exfoliate and clear dead skin cells. This allows more moisture to be absorbed into new skin layers.

A water-based gel was also used to help soften my pores, allowing the next step to be easier.





The next step is something I dread in every facial: extractions. 

Despite using multiple machines, my blackheads that were rooted deep in my enlarged pores still chose not to be evicted from their ‘home’.

She started my journey to empty pores on my nose. She used her hands to press out all the whiteheads and sebum accumulating in my nose.

If you find joy pimple in popping videos, you will love this. As my nose is a gold-mine for pimple poppers ASMR, she stayed there for a bit. I don’t blame her for I would too. Plus, that’s the oiliest place on my face.

It is time like these where evil thoughts come into my mind.

“What if I accidentally sneeze?”

I decided to not destroy the moment and hold my breath until the urge goes away.


Next, she moved to my chin. I did not give much care to my chin daily for it is too far down my face. Since it was filthy, Wei Shy spent a good moment there. 

It was only until recently that I realized, “Hey my chin might have whiteheads too!” That’s where the Pore Purifying comes in handy.

After giving my chin a new look, she moved toward my forehead. I had a growing pimple right below my eyebrow and she removed it.




After Extraction

My skin felt smooth and looked fresh. There was blood from the pimple but it’ll stop soon.




Ultrasonic penetration of vitamin C

At this point, my pores are not only thoroughly cleansed but they are squeaky clean as well. Since the pores are empty, it is time to add in some nutrients. We are starting with the penetration of vitamin C serum using the ultrasonic handheld cleanser.

This time, instead of using the scrubber side, Wei Shy flipped the machine over and used the other side for deeper penetration of the Vitamin C serum.




Green Tea Mask 

Next, Wei Shy mixed a thick green tea mask to help soothe the redness on my face. If you have other issues, your mask will be changed accordingly. 

The mask was left on for 15 minutes. Wei Shy warned me that it would be chilly but I did not expect it to resemble the sensation of putting my face in the fridge. 

As my face escaped from the blazing heat, I ease into the table and drown myself in the soft classical music. I was on the verge of falling asleep when Wei Shy came into the room to remove the mask.

The liquid mask turned rubber-like making it easier to be removed.




Oil-Free Moisturiser and Tinted Sunscreen

The last step to the routine is to ‘lock it in’ with an oil-free moisturiser and tinted sunscreen. Wei Shy removed the remains of the mask and put the moisturiser and sunscreen on for me. Then, she heads out and got me a cup of warm water.


IDS Facial Treatment Review

All in all, I enjoy the facial thoroughly. Wei Shy was friendly and approachable. We chatted and she even recommended ginger shampoo for my excessively oily hair. 


Additionally, the treatment felt like a facial and massage combined in one. I felt like the blood circulation on my face have improved greatly after the treatment.




Before Skincare + Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment

Before my month-long skincare journey, my skin felt dull, dry and prone to pimples. I looked tired all the time due to the lack of hydration in my skin.




After Skincare + Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment

After using IDS customised skincare for a month straight, the pimple problem did look much better. My skin also looks cleaner. 


The Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment made my face looked much brighter and cleaner than before. Plus, my pores and skin felt squeaky clean. There is also no redness on my cheek.  


The difference between the before and after is astonishing. It felt like I hit the refresh button on my face. 




I’ll be heading back to the IDS once again in a few weeks to a month for the last follow up. Do follow along with my IDS journey!


You can visit www.idsskincare.com for more about their products or www.idsaesthetics.com if you wish to know more about their treatment that can help your skin!


*Credits to Shi Hui

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