[ Serene ] My Skincare Journey with IDS Skincare
24 September 2021

Last year, my skin was pretty bad with maskne and the outbreak was mainly on the upper jawline. I would have guessed it right plus my biomarkers scan, it was all contributed by my hormones and probably also the prolonged wearing of mask. It was a lot of hard work to clear them to a minimal.  


Until the beginning of this year, I was thankful to be invited to embark on a skincare journey with our homegrown brand - Innovative Dermatological Solution (IDS). I have been hearing people telling me that the products from this clinic are highly raved about for their effectiveness.  


Located along the shopping belt of Orchard Road, International Building, IDS can be seen at the traffic light crossing (On level 2) if you are coming over from Wheelock Place. IDS has an expansive area with IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare all under one roof. As I made my way to register myself at the counter, I have already spotted a range of skincare products. 



I filled in a form with questions related to the condition of my skin before I started the consultation with Dr Benjamin Yim. 
He said that the condition of my face was actually not too bad minus the blemish scars on my jawline, that defiant patch of pigmentation, dull and uneven skin tone. Dr Yim probed further and ruled out the possibility of my outbreak was due to hormones. I would say he was pretty spot-on as I had my biomarkers scan done not too long before I went for this consultation. I was highlighted by some products that may help with balancing my hormones, so true! The outbreak was on my chin and jawline, make a google searching for face mapping, you would probably know what I mean.   
The name of the skincare range from IDS was confusing initially but later on, I got to realize it was not hard to remember after all. It was actually the initials of the products. 


Pore Formula (PF) -  This is an ultra-light pore-refining solution to help refine and reduce clogged pores, it can also clear the blackheads. I was taught to work on my large pores, T-zone as well as areas with outbreaks. Pore Formula (PF) smelled strongly of tea-tree and something else which I could not identify. Initially, I find that it was not exactly that pleasant when and I tried to mask it with C Plus. But recently, I seemed to be accepting it much better. Just one pump is all I need each time. 


C-Plus (C+) - I am more on the conscious side when choosing Vitamin C serum. This award-winning Vit C Serum is one that I can even apply in the day time without having to worry that it will darken my skin. The contents are some highly potent Vitamin C, water-soluble vitamin E and fullerenes. I am under the hot sun daily 5 days a week, even though I have applied sunblock, this is good to help lighten my skin tone. It is very light on the skin and does not leave a sticky trace.
The highly potent and stable Vitamin C, water-soluble Viatmin E and 'Fullerenes' to tackle wrinkles, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne. My skin appears smoother, more even-toned and brighter. Psssst, I even applied on my eyelids and dark eye bags. 

Fair Complex (FC) - This can help in fairer, brighter and more even skin tone. This skin-brightening formula is hydroquinone-free (skin bleaching agent) and contains state-of-art ingredients to prevent the over production of melanin. 


Moisture Boost (MB) - This creamy formulation not only helps with my sensitive skin. It helps boost up the moisture on my dry cheeks and is easily absorbed into the skin. 
I love the contents in it, the necessary ceramides to protect the skin from environmental stressors and skin-repairing function. I use Moisture Boost more in the night and loved that I wake up to a more supple-looking skin. Definitely, the one to go for to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. 

Facial Scrub (FS) - We need to exfoliate to remove the dead skin so as to better allow the skincare products to be absorbed more effectively. This facial scrub is very fine in texture and it has a slight warming sensation on the skin as I scrubbed it on my face. It leaves my face soft and smooth. Just a tiny bit would do! 
Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ (S3) - Lazy no more! Now, I apply sunscreen diligently and this is perfect for someone like me who hardly put on make-up. This lightweight sunscreen is easily absorbed onto the skin and yet gave me a brighter and more radiant look while protecting my skin from the strong sun. 
I got a little darker from the recent morning cycling trips. But just look at the difference on the back of my hands! Can you tell which hand had the sunscreen applied? 
Spot Control (SC) - Small but MIGHTY! If you are dealing with outbreaks, I highly recommend Spot Control. I kept my itchy hands away from picking on the outbreaks, I applied Spot Control diligently on one of the painful spot on my chin. It dries up a few days later and that zit was gone! I have also asked Xavier to apply the forehead where his outbreak was and it did a really awesome job in clearing up. So parents of teenagers, if you need something to combat those pimples, get this! 


If you are having skin problems and wish to try IDS, book an appointment with them. 
Addresses as follow:
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International Building
Singapore 238869 
6450 3555
IDS Clinic (Novena Specialist Center)
8 Sinaran Drive 
Singapore 307470 
6568 3555
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I will be sharing another post on IDS aesthetics treatment. Stay tuned! 

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