S3 is Loved by Straits Times, and Here Is Why
13 January 2021

Most of us already know that UV rays are the enemy from achieving youthful, healthy skin. That is why even from our Mothers' time, constant reminder of applying sunscreen is a must to prevent sun damage to our skin, even in indoors.


IDS Skincare has launched new formulated sunscreens - S2 (Non-Tinted) and S3 (Tinted), and it is loved by Amanda Chai from Straits Times. Here's what she says after trying out IDS’s S3 Sunscreen: 


IDS Skincare Sunscreen


"As a sunscreen enthusiast, I was raring to try this new tinted formula from local medical aesthetics brand IDS – particularly as the trend towards lightweight bases and tinted moisturisers looks set to continue as masking up remains the norm.


It does not disappoint. The peachy pink fluid brightens your face and adds a luminous sheen, subtly blurring pores and correcting discolouration – perfect for working from home, so I don't receive packages at the door looking like I crawled out from a crypt.


The updated formula also comes with added blue light protection and a literal seal of approval by the Skin Cancer Foundation that ensures safe use.


Best of all, its lightweight, non-tacky consistency means you can comfortably build up layers to get more coverage. I like that this also means you end up applying more to reap the SPF protection - heavy formula often deter people from applying a sufficient amount. (If you think your pea-sized amount is enough, think again.)"


Read the full article from Straits Times here.


Why Blue Light is Bad?


With the increasing amount of time exposed to our screens (e.g. mobile phone, laptop, even TV) due to the change in workstyle habit, our exposure to blue light increases as well.


Blue light also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light has wavelengths between 400-500nm. Even though blue light has less radiation than UV rays, it can cause more damage to our skin and other health concerns as blue light can penetrates deeper as compared to UV rays.


Research has showed that with long-term exposure to blue light may cause skin damage, through inflammation and accelerated photo-aging, and skin tone changes. Other damaging effects includes, headaches, eye strain, dry and irritated eyes, distrupt our sleep-wake cycles (circadian rhythm), which affects our sleep.  


This is why apart from UV rays, blue light protection is important as well. With IDS Skincare's S2 and S3, it not only protect your skin against UV rays but also from blue light.


IDS Skincare also has a "screen protector" range to protect against blue light. It is the DermaShield range – DermaShield Serum and DermaShield Mask.


For more information on IDS Skincare DermaShield range, visit https://jyx.shop/our-sciences-dermashield.

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