Reclaim Your Inner Light with Radiance-Enhancing Skincare and Pigment-Erasing Treatment
21 May 2024

If your once-flawless complexion is now a canvas of ruddy dullness and dark spots, you’re not alone. Uneven skin tone is a common concern, and the reasons behind it can be as diverse as our faces themselves. But fear not, there’s hope for a brighter, more even future.


There are many causes for an uneven skin tone; the first step is to identify what’s causing the issue. As we age, our skin’s natural cell turnover slows, leading to a build-up of dead skin cells that contribute to roughness. Stress, lack of sleep, dehydration and a diet devoid of essential nutrients can leave skin looking parched and lifeless. But the biggest culprit of all is sun damage. Exposure to ultraviolet rays, even in the shade, sends melanin production into overdrive.


According to aesthetic practitioner Dr SK Tan, founder of IDS Clinic, women are more prone to pigmentation issues than men, due to hormones; more so if they live in areas with significant sun exposure. To maintain radiant skin, Tan insists on wearing sunscreen daily with regular reapplication, especially if you’re outdoors all day.


Patients coming to him for pigmentation issues have become so prevalent that Tan curated a comprehensive four-step programme called Beauty and the Best - Melasma Program ($700). It combines skincare, oral supplements, laser procedures and energy-based devices, followed by the application of IDS proprietary formulations post-laser to enhance skin lightening and repair.


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