[ Mia Foo ] My #IDSTransformMe Journey: Pico-Laser Treatment after IDS Skincare
18 August 2021


There, there.... Finally, we've come to the end of my 4 months journey with IDS. 



To wrap up my 4 months treatment journey withhem, IDS decided to give me a laser treatment session, to lighten my acne scarring pigmentations, and also for some skin tightening effects. 


There's many kind of laser therapy available in the market right now, offering a variety of benefits such as pigment & scarring removal, skin tightening, hair removal, and vascular lasers. Some of them are ablative (vaporise the outer layer of our skin) while some are non-ablative (leave the outer layer of our skin intact), resulting in different length of downtime. All in all, always consult a board-certified healthcare practitioner or medical doctor in a proper clinic (such as IDS) on which works best for you. 


And for my case, IDS suggested that I try the Pico-Laser, a newer type of laser used in the IDS Clinics for pigmentation (and tattoo) removal. The 'pico' in Pico-Laser refers to picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. This simply means that Pico-Lasers are approximately ten times faster than the traditional nanosecond Q-switched lasers, hence theoretically working more efficiently in targeting the specific tissues with less surrounding tissue damages. Pico-Lasers have also been found to be effective in treating skin texture problems such as acne scars and wrinkles, due to its ability to stimulate collagen at deeper layers of the skin, which is the result of stimulating the body's natural healing process. Most important of all, the main reason why IDS suggested that I try out this laser treatment is because it has NO DOWNTIME, which is perfect for me, as I have to be under the unforgiving hot sun from time to time in the course of my work. 


So, after a brief follow up with IDS on my skin improvement, I was whisked away to one of their treatment rooms for a quick facial cleansing and application of the numbing cream.


After which, I was left to wait at their "mini-lounge" in their disposable shower cap and facial mask, looking very unglam indeed. HAHA!
After about 20 minutes (and the numbing cream has taken effect), I was brought over to another treatment room to carry out the procedure. Due to the numbing cream, there was absolutely no pain during the procedure, just a slight discomfort (like having IPL shots??) and a faint burning smell. Dr. Ben was also quick and precise, and the whole treatment took about only about 5 to 10 minutes, and I was done!
(ignore the days 1 - 6 here)
Left 1-3: 0 day after Pico-Laser treatment
Right 1-3: 5 days after Pico-Laser treatment
As Pico-Laser is meant to be a milder form of laser treatment (no downtime), there may be visible improvement after one treatment session, but most patients will require several treatments to achieve the end results. 
But I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the improvement in my skin (lightening of acne pigmentation and the V-lift effect) after just one treatment! 
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*Credits to Mia Foo

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