[ Mia Foo ] My #IDSTransformMe Journey: HTT Facial at IDS Aesthetics
08 July 2021

Earlier in January this year, I was really glad to be able to join IDS on a 4-months #IDSTransformMe Journey in an attempt to achieve a healthier, clearer looking skin. And I have to say, after 1.5 months of using the range of IDS skincare products recommended to me by Dr. Ben Yim, my skin condition has really improved greatly; and I'm very less plagued by the pesky maskne (mask-induced acne) now, and I'm finally starting to win my lifelong battle with my number 1 enemy, the clogged pores. 


Thank you, Pore Formula. Thank you, Blemish Clear.


And now, for the 2nd phase of my #IDSTransformMe journey, I was given a chance to enjoy a session of their Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) back at their IDS Aesthetics branch at International Building. 


Their monogram colour scheme and a very clean and chic layout of the place really gave me the feeling that I'm placed in good (professional) hands. HAHA!



After a quick follow-up review with Dr. Yim, I was whisked away to one of these treatment room for the HTT facial.



The HTT (or simply called Hydro Deep Cleansing) is a deep-cleansing facial treatment that everyone can benefit from. Created by professionals and designed for all skin types, this award-winning treatment works hard through various levels of deep cleansing to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up and clogged sebum that no regular cleanser can.



This facial treatment not only helps to unclog pores, but also aids with cellular regeneration and increase our collagen production, hence reducing our fine lines and wrinkles as well. 


The facial treatment started off with the usual double-cleansing, followed by water dermabrasion (or microdermabrasion) to remove our dead skin cells. Then, it was followed by an ultrasonic cleansing to clean out our pores, before the aesthetician carry out the extractions. As I'm super used to getting painful extractions during facial, the aesthetician was considered rather light-handed for my pain tolerance, and I even drifted off into sleep during the procedure. HAHA!


After the extraction, ultrasonic penetration of Vitamin C was applied to my face, before an anti-acne mask was given.



At this point, I was getting really comfy on the treatment bed (and sleepy as well) and was hoping to catch a quick nap during the masking time. But the anti-acne mask was a minty one, and extremely cold (their masks are all stored in the fridge), so much so that it jolted me awake and drove away all the sleepiness in me. HEH! 



And then, it was some moisturiser and sunscreen and I'm good to go! My skin definitely felt smoother to the touch, and visibly brighter as well (no filter here, but obviously was under very bright white lights though).


For more information of the services available at IDS Aesthetics, visit their website HERE.


*Credits to Mia Foo

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