[ littlekutu ] 3rd visit back to IDS!
17 September 2021

I am finally back to do a review on my 3rd visit that i went almost 3 weeks back at IDS Clinic.


I do noticed differences in my complexion after using IDS Skincare. My pore was visibly finer and complexion definitely more moisturise. However i do notice that my skin tends to break out each time i use the A-plus. An advance skin corrector that i was told to use twice a week and watch out for potential breakout. My breakout wasnt bad, mostly 2 or 3 small pimples on the chin or forehead.



Dr Ben Yim was aware of my concern cos after the break out i reduce to using once a week for A+ lol. So this time he prescribe me the spot control, target blemish spot treatment to clear breakouts.



Omg. THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL NOW. Seriously. This spot control treatment texture is abit like a light moisturiser, jus a tiny little bit on the pimples will do. Most pimple cream i used are drying and the skin ard the pimple area tends to flake the next day. But for spot control, it is not drying at all. My pimples were totally reduced the next day.. And i will say after 2 or 3 applications, your pinples will be gone. Definitely gona repurchase!!


Moving on from my skin assessment, Dr Ben Yim suggested i do a picosure laser to help brighten up my complexion and lighten scars. I have a few small little chicken pox scar on my face.


I was put on numbing cream for about 15 to 20 minutes before we proceed with the procedure. Painful level for the picosure laser to me was about 3/10. The whole process for the laser took less than 40 min! Zero downtime too! I was expecting a bit of redness on ny face but there wasnt any. Really is a lunch time quick fix thats suitable for OL like me!



This was my complexion right after the picosure laser. Zero downtime zero redness. But my face was still feeling numb and it took about almost 2 hours for the numbness to go off. I can put on make up immediately and go ahead with my other appointments for the day. Really is a quick beauty fix.


3 weeks after picosure laser, i do notice my complexion to be brighter but not much on the lightening of scars yet since its only my first treatment . Might have to go back again soon if my concern is scar removal. Other than that im really happy with my bright n glowy skin!



*Credits to littlekutu

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