[ Larry K ] My Skincare Journey with IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) - Part 2
22 September 2021

After incorporating IDS Skincare products into my daily routine for quite a while now, I went back again to experience my first facial treatment with them. I don't usually do facial treatments all that often, but every time I get to do so, It always leaves me with glowing skin thereafter. As such, I was really excited to be trying their award-winning Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment!


In my opinion, getting a facial treatment would most definitely rejuvenate any skin. A facial is a form of treatment for your skin. It generally involves deep cleansing of the pores, skin exfoliation, removal of dead skin, and also the treatment for basic skin concerns with the help of massages, face masks, etc.


I feel that having regular facial treatments are a great addition to incorporate into your skincare regime. as it can further help to keep your skin healthy and glowing too. Personally for myself, some of the benefits includes reducing stress as facial is me pampering myself, and as such, it helps to reduce anxiety and uplifts my mode. Other benefits include having my skin thoroughly cleaned and improving blood circulation.


Upon arriving at IDS Novena again and after clearing the standard protocol of safe-entry check-in and temperature checks, I was swiftly brought into a room where the nurse would ask and enquire about my skin conditions and concerns. I shared with her that my skin can be rather dry around the eye area, as well as quite bad dark eye circles. 


The nurse then recommended two facial treatment options for me to try: the Hydro-therapeutics Treatment which was award-winning, or the Cyro Therapeutics Treatment. I chose the former.


The Award-Winning Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment

The Hydro-therapeutics Facial Treatment from IDS is an award-winning facial treatment that everyone can benefit from as it is created for all skin types. It works hard through various levels of deep cleansing to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up, and clogged sebum that no regular cleanser can. 


Some of the benefits include:

- Crystal Clear Skin

- Unclogged pores

- Cellular regeneration.

- Increase collagen production

- Reduced lines and wrinkles.


Here's a quick summary of what to expect when you're experiencing the facial treatment (info gotten from IDS website):


1) Double Cleansing - Started off by performing a thorough cleansing. IDS Cleansers were used to remove some of my sunscreen and light eye concealers.


2) MDX (Microdermabrasion) - After cleaning the skin, the next step involves a procedure where a crystal tip is rubbed against my skin to remove the upper layers of blemished skin and dead skin cells. I felt that the suction sensation was bearable, and in fact, I kinda like it. Haha. This step is used to smoothen and improve the texture of your facial skin.




3) Ultrasonic Cleansing - Next up, I was being treated to a treatment where it incorporates ultrasonic wave motion for the renewal of aged skin cells.
4) Extractions - Right after Ultrasonic Cleansing, It was then time for extractions. This step is vital to keep the pores clean. I must say that my pain tolerance threshold is quite minimal, and this entire process does hurt a little, especially when the blackheads were being extracted out. But it was bearable for sure. 
5) Ultrasonic Penetration of Vitamin C - After extracting, vitamin C was applied to my face using a mild electrical current to ensure the deeper layers of the skin absorbed for a brighter skin. 
6) Mask-Whitening, Soothing, or Anti-Acne - I chose the soothing mask for this step. A really gentle and herbal-scented facial mask was applied to my face for about 15 minutes.
That concludes my Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment! In summary, the entire facial treatment was really easy on the skin for me. It left my skin glowy and smooth, and my pores were mostly no longer clogged too. Even days thereafter, I could still see that glow on my skin which lasted for a week or two. 
I am more than satisfied and happy to recommend anybody who wants to try a good facial treatment to give IDS's Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment a shot! 



*Credits to Larry K

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