[ Jess Baby ] [Part 03] My IDS Journey with IDS Aesthetics - Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT)
26 August 2021

It has been almost 1 month plus since I tried the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment (HTT). I was back again to IDS Aesthetics for my skin review and for another round of treatment. As part of my collaboration with IDS, I was supposed to go for a laser therapy. I was thankful that IDS allowed me to change this to a facial treatment, as I am not ready to receive treatments that involve extreme high heat and numbing cream. I was given the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT), and it is suitable for dull and sensitive skin. It is the coldest facial in IDS, as it uses Cryotheraphy Technology to tone up the skin and restore skin firmness.




The treatment starts with a double cleansing, first with cleansing milk, and then followed by a refreshing cleanser. After this a microdermabrasion machine was used to to exfoliate the skin. The next step was the one I disliked the most as it was the extraction process and an amount of pain was to be expected. I dislike this part the most whenever I do facials, as I have a very low threshold for pain. However, to my surprise the extraction procedure was pretty pleasant, and I literally didn’t feel any pain at all! I totally love the painless experience at IDS Aesthetics.



Next was my favorite segment of my facial treatment – Serum Infusions. I love the goodness of the serum (Vitamins and Brighteners) which were massaged into my skin.


To end off the facial, I was given a hydrating sheet mask with a generous amount of essence. I was then left to rest for a good 10 minutes while the skin absorbed all the goodness from the mask. My skin felt bouncy and hydrated after the treatment



This bare-faced photo was taken a few days after the treatment, and my complexion was noticeably clearer. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with my facial post-treatment. If you're like me, you probably prefer facials that promises sustainable results rather than some facial skin-loving effects that are short lived.


My skin actually looked brighter, firmer and my complexion looked distinctly more even. My skin didn’t feel dry nor left any reddish looking skin after treatment. In fact, my skin felt a lot more smoother than before! I have even started to go out bare-faced without any makeup whenever I leave home, as I found my skin is now looking healthier and has a natural radiance. I would highly recommend this treatment to those who have sensitive and/or dry skin to help them.

The C-PLUS (C+) and X4 are my ‘holy grail’ products, as they help me to counter my pigmentation/freckles issues as well as uneven skin tones. I really love the multi-tasking age-defense serum - C-PLUS, as the Vitamin C which brightens skin tone and improves skin texture. It also helps in lightening the skin and boosting collagen too. X4 is a powerful product which helps me to diminish black spots quickly! Just a small dollop is needed for application on my affected areas only.


The consultation with Dr Ben Yim was detailed, and what I like about Dr Ben is that he is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Apart from walking out of IDS Aesthetics with a boost to my self-confidence, I was also given a bag of lovely skincare goodies too. IDS was so lovely to top up my customized skincare set even though I was not done with my current stash yet. Oh well, I am still happy to have a prepared set when I run out of my current products. Thank you IDS for taking care of my skin for the past 4 months!


Keen to try a facial treatment at IDS Aesthetics or if you're not too sure on where to start with a correct facial treatment to address your skin issue, simply head down to IDS and seek their professional advice. Book your appointment at IDS Aesthetics website today!


Do check them out at www.idsskincare.com and www.idsaesthetics.com



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Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Aesthetics & Studio155. Reviews are based on personal experiences.



*Credits to Jess Baby

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