[ Jess Baby ] [part 02] My IDS Journey with IDS Aesthetics - Hydro Therapeutics Treatment (HTT)
17 August 2021

I’m a person who does not spend too much time dolling myself up before heading out of the house. My favorite make-up item is eyeliner, and YES, I simply can’t live without it. Therefore having a radiant and healthy skin is a must so that I can put as little coverage on my face as possible. My favorite days are when I can just apply sunscreen and loose powder, and I am good to go!



It has been almost 2 months since I started on the skincare products produced by IDS Skincare. (Click here for my part 01 of my IDS journey) I was back to IDS again for my skin review and facial treatment. 


I am very particular in choosing the correct facial treatments for me due to my sensitive skin. I am glad that IDS has arranged a Hydro Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) for me.



Dr Ben Yim has been monitoring closely on my pigmentations on my face since my first visit to him. According to him, my skin issue is improving but it's at a snail crawling speed.... He advised me to continue applying my affected areas with ‘IDS X4’, until my next visit. Overall, my complexion has become brighter as compared to previously.



Apart from that, the dry skin condition around my nose area has improved significantly after using the Recovery Serum and Moisture Boost! I am so happy to say bye-bye to my annoying peeling/flaky skin! 



The Hydro Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) is a 4-step facial treatment that promises brighter and radiant skin in under an hour, and it received multiple cosmeceutical facial awards over the past years! It is super gentle and comfortable, yet effective and really helps get rid of the dead skin cells and impurities/dirt on my face. They use the best technology combined with effective skin products to achieve the best results.




The HTT is a 60-minute facial which is suitable for all skin types, and it focuses on deep cleansing to remove facial impurities, unclog pores and balance sebum production. It also helps to regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After the treatment, my skin felt really clear, radiant and smooth! I was also surprised at how bright my skin was immediately after.



If you're not too sure on where to start with a correct facial treatment to address your skin issue, simply head down to IDS and seek their professional advice. They offer knowledgeable suggestions which will help you on your path to healthier and clearer skin!



For more information, do check them out at www.idsskincare.com and www.idsclinic.com



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 Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with IDS Aesthetics & Studio 155. Reviews are based on personal experiences.



*Credits to Jess Baby

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