I've Been Using IDS Skincare for 8 Years Now!
25 January 2022
Omg, time flies! I have been using IDS Skincare for almost 8 years now, from a uni student to now, a new mummy! So what do I love about IDS that made me use their products for so long?
1. Product Quality
I've never used a single skincare brand this long before. I have very sensititive skin and for some strange reasons products usually don't work after about 2 years. Some people tell me that it's because my skin got used to the product, so I need to change products. But I've never faced this issue with IDS Skincare. So I'm really happy that there's a brand that I can use exclusively for 8 years straight. From what I understand, IDS creates a product, they don't stop working on it even after it is deemed effective. They continue improvising it, that's why there are always newly formulated products from the IDS Skincare range. This might be the reason why the products are always effective for me. 
2. Experienced Team
I feel that at IDS, their staff are all very experienced from the doctors, to nurses, therapeutists and even those who are in the office! I'm serious when I say my skin is very sensitive. Before I used IDS Skincare, there were a couple of times I had a very bad skin reaction after an overseas winter trip, regardless of how much moisturiser I apply. I was recommended to try using Intensive Moisturiser, which is too thick for me under Singapore weather, and it worked for wonders me! Not only did I have good skin days while on winter trips, I also didn't have any breakouts after I am back in Singapore.  I also had a breakout a month before my wedding due to an irritation from the makeup trial session, and with IDS Skincare's magical skincare concoction, my skin was completely healed in less than 2 weeks! That's why I really have lots of trust in IDS Skincare and you can read about how IDS rescued my skin back in 2019, for my wedding, in my blog post titled, I didn't use skincare for a month, here's what happened
3. Awesome Service
The staff are all very friendly and I love that that do not hard sell. I've been to places that hard sell and rush me into procedures before, and the experience isn't good. IDS on the other hand is different, they are very focused on treating your concerns with skincare and only recommend treatments if necessary. So I always feel relaxed and that my skin is in good hands when I am at IDS! 
Check out IDS Skincare at the below links or in-stores!
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IDS @ International Building
360 Orchard Road #02-02 
International Building Singapore 238869
IDS @ Novena Specialist Center
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-09 to 10
Novena Specialist Center Singapore 307470

*Credits to Katelyn

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