How should you be washing your face?
07 June 2019

How should you be washing your face?


How should you be washing your face?

Cleansing may be the most basic step in any skincare routine but there’s more to this first step than just applying cleansing soap on the face and then washing it off with water. Washing your face is vital in removing dirt and oil (and makeup) every day – from when you wake up till the end of the day. For the few perfectly balanced skin (bless you!), you may think it’s not necessary but for the rest of us, try not washing your face for a while and see what happens. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

So how often should you be washing your face and what if you overdo it? No matter your skin type or condition, you want to wash your face at least once a day – make it in the evening to remove the makeup and sunscreen, dirt, oil and grime that’s built up on your skin throughout the day.

Whether you should cleanse in the morning, and if there’s really a need to wash your face of its natural oil that’s been produced overnight, that is still up for debate though the skincare obsessed will not leave any room for doubt on that. Some say our skin’s natural oil is a form a defense while some say that twice-a-day cleansing will remove any indoor pollutants and irritants (from pillowcase) that our skin is exposed to 24/7 – yes, even when we sleep.

If your skin is on the dry or sensitive side, you may still want to keep your skin healthy by keeping it clean and balanced. Cleansing doesn’t mean stripping your skin of all its natural goodness. There are so many sophisticated yet gentle cleansers to choose from, the right one can also help your skin absorb your moisturizing or treatment products more effectively.


How Do You Know If Your Cleanser Is Wrong For You?

If your skin feels taut and dry after cleansing, you know you may have gone overboard or the cleanser is not hydrating enough for your skin. Basically the only reaction that your skin should be receiving after cleansing is one that looks and feels fresh, clean and comfortable – this should also apply to acne cleansers. In fact, your cleanser shouldn’t dry out your skin, this will cause your skin to overcompensate by producing even more oils. As oily skin also needs hydration, it is then good to find one that has moisturizing properties.

What about double cleansing? This often applies to those who use a cleansing oil to remove makeup. Cleansing oils are gentle and they don’t disrupt your natural oil barriers, so you can’t over-wash with an oil cleanser. But if you’re obsessed with wanting that perfectly clean feel, double cleansing with a regular cleanser helps to remove any residue left on the skin. Even then, this may be too much for those with sensitive skin. Make sure your cleanser does not contain any ingredients that may cause irritation.


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