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29 July 2021


Founded in Singapore, IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) offers all-rounded treatments for both face and body. From various skincare treatments like Profhilo, Botox and Fillers to cool-sculpting, IDS also has its own line of skincare products to complement the treatments customers are receiving.


IDS comprises of three entities: IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics and IDS Skincare. Each visitation includes doctor consultation for skin analysis and treatment advice.


My first visitation began two months back, in Mid-March.


During my skin analysis, I expressed my struggles with black head and combination skin condition.


One of the biggest takeaway during the exchange with Dr Michelle Wong was the skincare routine introduced to me. I was given several IDS skincare products and encouraged to follow a series of steps so as to achieve the optimum result. After the consultation, another staff, Mary, patiently reiterated the steps in detail.



As someone who has been lazy in maintaining my complexion, the 6 to 7-step process requires some discipline, morning and night. Nonetheless, I promise myself to give it a go, since I have never tried out anything of such before. Much to my amazement, it has been a fruitful two months and I have been diligently adhering to the steps.


The routine begins with a cleanser, toner, facial scrub and pore formula (to regulate and tighten the pores on the T-zone) in the bathroom. After drying my face, serum and moisturiser are used on the whole face. Usually, I would avoid sunscreen as I find that many products out there make my face sticky or sleek with sweat. However, so far, I find that the sunscreen here is pleasant to use though I have only been using it occasionally. Only once every week, I would use the clay mask which is to be applied to my face for about 35 minutes before rinsing off.


To be honest, I have barely been using any form of skincare products in recent years. This opportunity has actually spurred me to more mindful of my own skin as I am getting older too. The overall result had been great. My skin has become smoother and supple and feels ‘cleaner’. This might be something I would continue to work on even after I have used up the current products.





Visit www.idsskincare.com for more information on their products or www.idsclinic.com to know more about your skin!


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