[ Farrah ] IDS Skincare – My First Visit and Skincare Reviews
09 September 2021

Today marks the 7th day of my new skincare routine. I will share with you this journey with IDS (Innovative Dermatologist Solutions) this coming few months. Let’s together find out how their products and services work on my skin.


I had my skin consultation booked at IDS flagship in International Building in Orchard. Such a very convenient location and safety measures are in place so you’ll feel safe when you visit. If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you’ll know I’ve been to different aesthetic clinics. I can say that IDS is one of the best places. I’m impressed how they put together everything in one place, anything that you could need. IDS is elegant, neat, and modern. At first impression, you’ll feel confident that your skin issues will be handled professionally and I wasn’t wrong.




Just like any other clinic, upon arrival, I was asked to do my registration and fill up my particulars before I proceeded to meet my attending specialist. Dra. Michelle Wong is nice and patient enough to listen to my skin concerns. She had checked on my skin condition and explains what products and treatment are suitable for my normal to dry and uneven skin tone. What I’ve learned from Dra. Michelle is that my current daytime moisturizer with SPF 50 isn’t enough, sunscreen protection should be separated from moisturizer.


Right after my consultation, I was brought to another room by an IDS attendant and she had explained to me in detail how to use the customized IDS skincare products for day and night. She even let me try on my skin every product that is recommended for me to use. The whole process of consultation is smooth and quick.






I’m using the Delicate Cleanser for washing my face day and night. It’s a clear liquid soup. I pump two portions and gently rub them into my hands to form foam and massage onto my wet face and rinse well. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth to touch. It is suitable for sensitive skin too.


While the Delicate Toner, I only use it at night time. Just to make sure I remove off all the dirt and make-up on my face thoroughly before going to bed. It has active ingredients such as Trehalose, Allantoin, and Centella Asiatica & Witch Hazel Leaf Extracts. The terms might be too technical for you. In short, the toner infuses skin with calming antioxidants, leaving it soothed and protected.


Both products are mainly for deep cleansing our face and are unscented.


Daytime Skincare Regimen





After cleaning my face with Delicate Cleanser I follow it with Oil-Free Moisturizer and Non-tinted Sunscreen products. I pump the moisturizer twice and spread a thin layer evenly on my face and neck. I like that it’s lightweight on the face. I love that it has Vitamin B3 that firms, smoothens, retains moisture. It’s also formulated with a highly potent Vitamin C derivative with moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-photoaging properties which my skin will be screaming THANK YOU at me.


I’ve chosen a non-tinted sunscreen, which I apply thinly after moisturizing my face. It’s ultra-lightweight sunscreen in a hydrating and antioxidant-rich formula with added protection against infrared and blue light as well as pollution.


Both are non-greasy and not sticky. Once the products dried up, you’ll never feel it’s there. This is a very important factor for me due to our weather is mostly humid and I’m not always in the air-conditioned room.


Night Time Skin Regimen





At night time after cleaning my face with Delicate Cleanser and Toner, I apply the C Plus with two pumps spread evenly onto my entire face. This Vitamin C serum will help improve my skin tone and texture. It’s formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, lighten blemishes marks, and even out skin tone. Just my sin exactly needed!


On top of the C+, I also apply evenly the ultimate age-defying super cream. Its active ingredients like Zinc & Magnesium, Elastin, and Sodium Hyaluronate are focus on helping the skin in producing elastin and hold the moisture effectively to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Elastin helps to maintain the bounciness of the skin and enables it to snap back to its original youthful condition. I can’t wait to see how it works wonders on my skin!


You might wonder why I didn’t have cream specifically for the skin around the eyes, the moisturizers also work for the eye area thus I’m applying it around it too.




This anti-blue light facial mask I use at night once a week. I like that the sheet is thin that it sticks nicely on the skin. You’ll feel that the serum is absorbing properly on your skin. This is formulated to protect skin against harmful blue light that is emitted from digital devices and environmental pollutants, that lead to early signs of aging. It’s suitable for all skin types.


All these products are suited for my skin type. Their formulas were mostly lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky, unscented, and highly absorbed onto the skin.


In addition, the IDS products are extensively tested by independent third-party research organizations. With proven results along with years of expertise and innovation.


It’s really important to have a specialist to check on your skin so that proper skincare products will be recommended for you just like mine.


So far I’m very happy with all the products and its result. My skin is soft to touch and even my friend noticed that my skin tone brights up. There’s no pimple breakout at the moment which I normally have when I used new products on my face. I currently stopped all other brands I used on my skin and focus only on IDS skincare products customized for me by Dra. Michelle. I can say she’s an expert on what she does and well knowledgeable on the formulation of products and what suits the client. I’m excited to see more good results in the coming days.


IDS (International Building)
360 Orchard Rd, #02-02 International Building, Singapore 238869
T: +65 6450 3555


IDS (Novena)
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-09 to 10 Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 307470
T: +65 6568 3555


Opening Hours:
10am to 8pm (Mon-Fri)
10am to 5pm (Sat)


You can visit http://www.idsskincare.com for more about their products or http://www.idsclinic.com if you wish to know more about your skin!



*Credits to Farrah

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