[ Farrah ] IDS Aesthetics: I Tried Dew Mist Mi and Here’s Everything You Need to Know
04 October 2021

Here’s to fulfill my promised to share with you my IDS journey. After religiously using my personalized IDS products which I’ve shared in my previous post. I came back for a follow-up consultation on my skin condition.


Dra. Michelle Wong recommended the Dew Mist Mi facial treatment. It provides intense moisture to dull skin. It’s perfect for my need. If you’re like me and you don’t know about Dew Mist Mi, let me give you the full rundown of my experience.




What is Dew Mist Mi?


Dew Mist treatment is one of the IDS most well-loved treatment as it is an extremely hydrating facial that not only moisturize the skin but leaving a smooth velvety feel even after just a single session. Dew Mist Mi focuses on giving maximum hydration and moisture replenishment for our dull skin. The Oxy infusion aids the skin in absorbing IDS Dew Mist Solution to give it a boost of moisture content. The skin is further hydrated and lifted with the infusion of Dew Mist Moisturizer and Rejuvenating Lift with a soothing low-temperature Ion handpiece. But not limited to these processes. It’s suitable for sensitive skin too.



  • Brightens skin
  • Improve skin clarity
  • Leaves the skin supple and hydrated
  • Increase the smoothness feel
  • Increase the moisture on the skin
  • Immediate reduction of fine lines






Here’s my experience…


Prior to my consultation, I had my appointment booked at IDS Aesthetics International Building in Orchard Road. Right after my consultation with Dra. Michelle, I was ushered to my room for the Dew Mist Mi treatment. My aesthetician is friendly and made sure I’m comfortable. She had walked me through the entire process so that I could share it with all of you!


Once I’m comfortably lying on the bed, she double cleansed my face with an IDS cleanser to make sure that my skin was completely makeup and dirt-free. After that, with the use of a dermabrasion machine, she removes my dry skin. And followed it with Dew Mist Oxygen Infusion with moisturizing ampule. This process helps to penetrate it thoroughly to my skin. Expect that this stage is quite cold due to the oxygen infuse but it feels relaxing. I thought that this was the highlight of the treatment but wait until I finish sharing it.


The oxygen infuse was followed with Dew Mist Rejuvenation Lift Penetration with C-Ion which she gently massages my face to help penetrates the serum and lift my skin. The Ion Handpiece is less cold but equally relaxing. I also think that it really helps on the whole treatment when your aesthetician is comforting and light-handed on doing the entire process. I love how she delicately touches my face.


To complete the facial, Dew Mist Mask is used to not only seal the vitamins and ingredients in the skin but to give it additional protection against HEV light and pollution. This treatment is concluded with an LED light mask for enhanced results. She put the eye protection prior to turning on the LED light. Right after this, an IDS moisturizer and sunscreen were applied to my face.


The entire treatment took about 60 minutes from start to finish and left my skin looking and feeling incredible. I touched my face to check if it is as good as it looks. I also want to highlight that this treatment doesn’t include the extraction of white or blackheads. You have nothing to worry about as the Doctor in IDS will recommend what’s best for your current skin condition and concerns.


Right now my face has continued to feel rejuvenated and clear of unwanted dry skin. I could not recommend this treatment enough, especially to those who are having a dull skin problem like mine. However, one thing to note is that consistency may be important. I continued using my IDS products to support my whole journey to healthy skin.


I’ll see you again on my next treatment!


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*Credits to Farrah

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