So again, I checked myself in at the IDS Clinic at International Building, and this time all the staff were wearing shower caps! I asked one of them about it cos they weren’t wearing them the last time I went. Apparently it’s a new thing, it gives an added layer of hygiene and protection against germs so kudos to all of them, it must be really stuffy but they were all smiles and still professional.


First thing that I was brought to do was to see Dr Michelle again, to assess how the products I’ve been using have been for me, and for her to recommend which facial treatment would be best suited for my current skin condition.


I really like their products and I think the ones chosen for me were very suitable for my skin type. None of them gave me any “tight” pulling sensation when used, which means that they weren’t too strong or too drying for me.


I did however, admit to Dr Michelle that I wasn’t very diligent with the skincare routine. Honestly, I’m still getting used to the morning routine since I don’t have the habit of using skincare in the morning, but I’m quite good with using it every night. Didn’t get scolded, but instead, she said it’s still ok. Hehe. In turn, Dr Michelle recommended the Dew Mist Mi facial that day, so I tried it out!


Dew Mist Mi. Interesting name. It’s a simple pun on the name (dew mist me). Obviously, an invitation from customers to receive dewy, hydrated, glowing skin through the facial haha! YES PLEASE!! My dry, dull, sensitive skins NEEEDS this.


I was ushered to another wing in the clinic, and into one of the facial treatment rooms. Facial treatments are done at the Aesthetic wing of the IDS Clinic.



This is what a typical room looks like. It’s not super fancy, but does look well-kept and clean, the furnishing looked new. It’s basic and simple, just what you’ll get if you visit any other facial treatment centres, but I’ve been to treatment rooms where the cupboard edges are peeling, or the machines looked old. So definitely not complaining about this one. Anyways, I’m not there for the looks of the place, I’m there for the hopefully high quality treatment and service. 


So firstly, the therapist sets you up nicely on the bed. The usuals, framing and prepping your face with towels, but what is new is that I get a hair cap too! It’s my first time having a facial treatment at IDS so I’m not sure if this is the norm, but I appreciate it. It’s a fuss-free way to get hair out of your face.


Every facial starts with cleansing and IDS did a double cleansing for me. Firstly with the C3 Cleansing Milk, to remove any make up, and then with the C2 Refreshing Cleanser, which is the same cleanser I have at home. I liked that IDS uses their own products in their treatments. I mean, it makes sense. Even though the products may not be the cheapest in the market, but it shows that they have so much trust in their own products’ effectiveness and quality, that they would use them for the facial treatments.


Step 2: Exfoliation

I’ve always seen this device on my social media (think I’m being targeted by IG algorithms lol) and I’ve always wanted to try it cos it looks so effective! What this thing does is to use ultrasonic vibration to gently exfoliate the skin without damaging it. It also helps to remove blackheads and prep the skin for more effective absorption of nutrients later. By the way, Dew Mist Mi doesn’t include manual extraction, this step is good enough, so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the pain from manual extraction! I’m definitely not!


Step 3: Oxygen Infusion

This thing jets a pure oxygen serum into your prepped skin, helping to rejuvenate, brighten and improve skin complexion. The spray was concentrated but not painful. When the oxygen hits your skin, there’s a really cooling sensation but doesn’t feel like it’s only spraying dry air. I liked that my therapist didn’t rush this step and just go over my face with the oxygen just once. She made sure to cover every part of my face slowly, at least twice, and was careful when using it around my eyes. Actually I’m quite glad that she tried to go as close to my eyes as possible cos my tired eyes need as much help as they can get haha.



Step 4: Dermashield Mask + LED Light Treatment

Similar mask to the one that I have at home too! But this was coupled with the LED Light machine for greater effect. There were a few different light treatments with varying benefits.

Broadly –

Red Light: helps to improve scarring, reduce wrinkles, encourage collagen production.

Blue Light: reduce oil gland activity, so that your face gradually becomes less oily, reduce bacteria that causes inflammation.



This part helps to lock in all the good vitamins and ingredients in the skin but to give it an additional protection against HEV light (the same damaging lights from your digital devices) and other pollution.

At this point, I fell asleep for a while. 


Final steps: Moisturiser and Sunscreen

As any good facial treatment would do at the end, regardless of what time of the day it is, the therapist should put on moisturiser and sunscreen.

So that concluded my facial! Right after, when the therapist left the room for me to get myself sorted, I took a couple of pictures heh.



I wanted to show you how it looks like right after. Was a little concerned that I’ll look unpresentable without make up and red skin but my skin wasn’t red or sensitive at all. The only thing I’d be more conscious about would just be the dark heavy eye bags lol but that’s probably just on me to sleep more.

A couple of days later, a representative from IDS called to check on me and ask how I was doing, and if there was any concerns from the facial treatment. I really think this is great follow up! Good on ya, IDS for going the extra mile to make sure your clients are doing well.

Some questions people asked and may be wondering:


Do they try to hard-sell you in buying a package?

No. No point during the entire treatment, and not even after the treatment did anyone “strongly encourage” me to consider a package. I have to be honest, I get really irritated when other places do that. I just want to enjoy my treatment in peace, like please, don’t keep talking about how bad my skin is and how I would benefit from such-and-such treatment. If I wanted to know, I’d ask. I also don’t like it when afterward, they usher you into a room to meet a consultant and then proceed to explain what you received and possible packages to consider. Once they usher me into a room, I know it’s coming and it’s already a bit of a turn-off.


Got extraction? Painful?

No. I believe that the exfoliation step using the ultrasocial hand tool is a form of simple extraction, where your blackheads are shaken out of your pores. They don’t use any blackhead picker or suction tool.


How much time do I have to set aside for this facial?

This entire treatment doesn’t take up too much of your time. The whole process was about an hour long.


The next few days after the facial, how was your skin?

Completely fine! I have really sensitive skin and every time there are changes in my skin condition, I am definitely aware of it. There was no difference in skin sensation or looks in the few days after the facial treatment. No breakouts, no rashes, no oiliness or other sensitivity.



If you too, are looking for a facial to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, you should really try this at least once! And why not try it at 50% off??


All you have to do is contact them and let them know you’re visiting for the first time. They also have a 2 session promo, which means you can try 2 different treatments, starting from $158 before GST. Just call!


Click here for a full list of treatments that they offer:

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And here’s their contact details:

+65 64503555 (Mon- Sat)


International Building –

360 Orchard Road, #02-01 International Building, Singapore 238869


Opening Hours –

Mon – Fri: 10am to 8pm, Sat: 10am to 5pm, Sun & PH: Closed


*Credits to Cheryljhoe

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