[ Celeste ] My Skin Journey with IDS Skincare
24 August 2021

Last week, I made my first trip to the IDS at Novena Specialist Centre. It is an aesthetic clinic that offers innovative and effective treatments at an affordable price. They are three entities under IDS, the Innovative Dermatological Solutions namely - IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics, and IDS Skincare. At the IDS, you get to meet the aesthetic professional that assesses your skin and collecting your skincare at the dispensary counter.



I was impressed by the cosy lounge where customer could rest while waiting for their turn. I like how big the waiting area it is. Even though few customers were sitting at the lounge but still there was ample space on another side. 


I got my skin checked by Dr Lum and assisted by one of their consultants. While examining my skin, I shared my major skin concerns about the dark circle and my dry under's eyes with Dr Lum. She noted that I have a few acne scars on my face, and I also shared with her, I understand it is hard to treat them thoroughly. She also highlighted my skin near the laugh line is slightly dry. 
She customized the skincare products for me and told me to use the suggested customized skincare on my dry under-eye and see if it helps. She also advised me not to mix with other product, whereas for face wash and toner I can use my own. I asked how about my dark circle cream as I highlighted to her about my dark circle concern, and the customized products didn't include dark circle treatments. She advised me to continue to use my current dark circle products. Her cheerfulness has opened to us to have a great conversation.
After all, the consultant brought me to another room, explaining each product I have and how to use it. I noted it down on the paper for each step, and she was patiently addressing my questions while explaining to me. In total, I have 7 customised products that I would be using every morning and night except at night without the sunscreen.


Each product comes with its code tagged that commonly use at IDS. After cleaning my face and dry up with the toner, here's the step that I have been following since two weeks ago.


1. Pore Formula

It helps to minimise oil production on our face. The consultant explained to use on the T-Zone and those areas that susceptible to blackhead and whitehead. I felt the tingling session and some peeling on my face during my first days, perhaps I used it too much. It was too strong so, the next day, I reduced it and felt much better.  


2. C+ Plus 

It is a watery texture of Vitamin C and E serum that good for morning skincare.  


3. Moisture Boost

Eventually, this is one of the most famous IDS Skincare products that aid in water retention and skin renewal. I like the non-sticky texture that safe to use on the delicate area of the eyes.


4. Recovery Serum

It is an anti-ageing serum for sensitive skin that helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. Dr Lam suggested using this recovery serum on my eyes besides the laugh line and other redness areas. I like this gel that works well on the dryness surrounding my eyes. 


5. Rejuvenating Complex

It is a super cream anti ageing cream. The texture is creamy like the name of its cream - super cream. It is good to use at night for hydrating. After a few days of using, I realised that my face was a bit too oily after a while, especially during day time, and I figured that I shall reduce the amount of the cream, which is just nice for me now.


6. Dermashield Serum

This creamy gel texture with a strong smell of serum would be the last step of night skincare. It works as a screen protector that provides protection against harmful blue light and environmental pollutants


7. Sunscreen

It is a non-oily lotion tinted sunscreen with powerful anti-oxidant and Zinc Oxide that serves as good sunscreen protection with SPF 50. Just a side note, although it is tinted, it doesn't have much coverage because of its lightweight texture, unlike other tinted sunscreens that work as a foundation as well. 


One of the most visible results is my eyes. I am so happy that my dry under-eye has improved a lot. It is no longer the cracky eyes that I was worried about. I also feel that skin hydration is improved.

I can't wait for my next IDS session! Will share with you guys more about the progress and upcoming treatments. Don't forget to catch up on my Instagram story and feed too. 


Stay tuned!  


You can visit https://www.idsskincare.com/ for more information about their products or https://www.idsclinic.com/ if you wish to know more about your skin!


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