[ Celeste ] My Facial Journey with IDS Aesthetics
14 September 2021

If you have been following me and reading my new skincare journey, you would know that I am currently with the IDS. If you have missed out, you can read about the experience here.


Last week after a month of my new skincare regime, I visited Dr Lum for the second review, and I had a facial treatment at the same time.


My skin hydration is getting better especially, my dryness under the eyes. It has improved a lot, and it was no longer dry and flaky under the eyes. During my second review, I shared with Dr Lum about a few acne that popped up on my face, and I told her about my dark circle issue. 



She added a small bottle of spot control to my skincare product. It would be the last step after the rest of skincare and apply it to the acne when needed. She suggested I use Rejuvenating Complex for my eyes. It helps rejuvenate my eyes area as the eye product they have may be too strong for me, and I am still new to the product.



True enough, as during my first to second weeks, my skin was on the adapting process (peeling, oily) to a new environment. I shared it on my previous experience too. Up to date, my skin works well with the product, and it helps me on achieving a better skin complexion. It does reduce my skin redness due to the sensitivity of my skin.


My favourite product is the Rejuvenating Complex. Many people commented that the Moisture Boost is the most voted but, perhaps my skin works differently. Rejuvenating Complex helps under eyes got better and makes my skin looks younger and energetic again. C Plus would be my second choice. The vitamin C was refreshing and good.



After assessing my skin condition and cleared my doubt, she recommended doing a soothing and brightening facial, Cryo Therapeutics Treatment (CTT). It includes a bit of extraction, serum infusion, sheet mask, and a combination of Cryotherapy technology.

Cryotherapy is a general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. It uses an electric current to penetrate essential vitamins into the skin. This treatment is suitable for sensitive skin while giving you glowing skin without any irritation and congested pores. The serum infusion and vitamins are great for skin brightening and instantly soothing and energising the skin.
After the cleaning, a bit of extraction and microdermabrasion have done. It followed by the serum injection combine with cryotherapy treatment. I like the glowing serum on my skin and felt like I was having a face massage, but it used machine massage instead. The sheet mask also combined with the cryotherapy and followed by 10-15 mins of rest. 


The facial was fast, and it took less than an hour. The consultant shared that she has to move around the machine on my face and can't stay in one area for too long after the vitamin and serum infusion as it may be too rich on my skin and may cause pimple on my face.
Here's the photo before and after the facial (NO FILTER, NO MAKEUP).
Notice that my sensitive skin that causes the redness on my skin is much better after using the products regularly and the CTT facial treatment.


My skin was really brightened up after the facial, and after a while, I could see the glowing effect on my face. It wasn't much redness on my skin resulted from the extraction, besides the most obvious one would be my stubborn acne and whitehead. But eventually, the next day would get better. Most importantly, my skin is clear from those whiteheads and blackheads. Although it was not completely clear, as the consultant didn't extract those not supposed to extract out yet in case my pore clogged and it would cause acne on my skin after the treatment.

I would be sharing my skin progress and my upcoming new treatment in the next post. Stay tuned!
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*Credits to Celeste

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