Buy Efficacy, Not Adfficacy!
05 June 2019

Buy Efficacy, Not Adfficacy!


Buy Efficacy, Not Adfficacy!

How many times have we bought a product on impulse – whether because you’re drawn to its packaging, attractive price tag, the freebie that comes with purchase or because of an enticing ad image, we’re all guilty of it. In fact, we all fall under the trap of feel-good, smell-good and look-good products all the time.


We are creatures after the pleasure of the senses. The moment we smell something pleasant that makes us go Mmm…, our mind immediately goes “YES”. This is why many companies spend a lot of money on building the sensorial aspect of a product whether through textures or aromachology (which uses both natural and artificial fragrances to stir the desired psychological response in humans).


Besides the price and the feel-good factors, brand also plays a major role in the persuasion game. Haven’t you trusted a certain brand more than another simply because of a hype or trend, your friends told you so, or because of the impressions that you gather from the Ads?


But if you can see beyond the fluff, you’d know better and you’d want what’s really good for your skin – that means products that really work. It’s time to put all your prejudices, misconceptions, and impressions all behind. Let’s start over. Look for products that will work for your skin – regardless of brand, price or hearsay. This is where IDS Skincare comes in. It is developed specifically to give you results thanks to the high levels of actives that are packed in each product to optimize efficacy – which makes fragrance the least important in the IDS Skincare formula. Take IDS’ latest sensation DermaShield for example, the Serum alone has more than 10 active ingredients to give your skin the ultimate protection from blue light and environmental pollutants! Each IDS product is packed with a punch with its no-frills, only-ingredients-that-work approach.


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