Bask In The Glow Of Healthy Complexion Without Makeup With IDS Group
19 July 2022

While makeup can play up your best features and mask perceived flaws, it is but a quick fix to put your best face forward. Combine it with a well-rounded skincare routine, though, and the equation changes. After all, healthy skin is better able to defend itself from external aggressors such as environmental pollutants and UV rays (contributing to common issues such as dryness and an uneven tone), which naturally results in a softer, smoother, suppler and more radiant visage — even when you go makeup free.


Solid Support


To achieve a naturally beautiful complexion, the right at-home skincare products—we’re talking about those that work for your skin, not those that are trending—are vital. But how does one know which, among the plethora of products on the market, are suited for one’s skin? Rather than going the trial-and-error route (which can prove disastrous for problematic skin), seek the help of those who ply their trade in the world of beauty and aesthetics. Cue the professionals at IDS Group.

Founded in 2014 by Dr SK Tan and his wife Janifer Yeo‑Tan, IDS Group provides comprehensive beauty care with its line of clinical-grade take-home skincare and an umbrella of services that span both the aesthetic (think targeted facials and cryo- or hydro-therapeutic treatments that can be performed by trained professionals who are not doctors) and the clinical (doctor-only procedures such as ultrasonic facials, laser therapy and injectables like fillers). In fact, IDS Group prides itself on being one of the few beauty brands in Singapore that offers the skincare trifecta of clinical procedures, aesthetic treatments and at-home skincare under one roof. This one-stop skincare haven concept is reflected in the group’s physical spaces, with IDS Clinic and IDS Aesthetics occupying adjacent units in both Novena Specialist Centre and International Building.


Three For The Win



While facials have built up a reputation for being pampering sessions that you should treat yourself to once in a while, these beauty treatments are actually essential for beauty upkeep and should ideally be worked into your regular skincare regime. A facial, even the most basic one, gives skin a professional cleanse—ridding surface impurities and dead skin cells, clearing out clogged pores—before nourishing the skin with select ingredients that work on alleviating issues of the moment.

Those at IDS Aesthetics target a breadth of concerns, from brightening to anti-acne and anti-aging, and utilize the latest technologies and pharmaceutical-grade products aimed at getting your skin to look-at‑me-status. The experts recommend going for a session once a month (in tandem with the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle) to keep things in tip-top-condition—although you can also go for biweekly sessions, depending on your skin’s unique condition.

Should you need more specialised treatments that can only be delivered at the hands of doctors, there’s IDS Clinic. Helmed by Dr Tan, who is supported by a team of established doctors, the clinic offers aesthetic solutions built upon medical science—and helped along by state-of-the-art technologies and products from in-house brand IDS Skincare, which are specially made for Asian skin.

The good news is, you can also shop IDS Skincare products (online and at the brand’s physical spaces) for home use, to maintain and complement the results of the aesthetic and clinical treatments. It’s worth noting that every aspect of product development, from ideation to formulation to manufacturing, is done in-house, giving IDS Group full control over the final product. All its skincare offerings are concocted with clinical-grade ingredients, with the star products also boasting the NEULASTIN technology, which marries a blend of highly active ingredients that help improve skin elasticity and build stronger skin structures, with a unique delivery system that drives actives deeper into the dermis.

With the trifold support system of IDS Group working in tandem to take care of your skin, you can step out confidently into the spotlight, safe in the knowledge that even without a stitch of makeup on, your complexion is always camera ready.

IDS Clinic is at #05-09/10 Novena Specialist Centre (tel: 6568 3555) and #02-02 International Building (tel: 6450 3555)

IDS Aesthetics is at #05-07/08 Novena Specialist Centre (tel: 6568 3559) and #02-01 International Building (tel: 6450 3555)

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