5 Winter Skincares Must-have
20 January 2023


Now that many countries have opened up, I can finally go on our winter holidays again! I went on a "winter" trip to Taiwan in January and here's what I brought with me. Their winter isn't that cold but it's still quite dry so proper hydration is very important!  
I have very sensitive skin that's sometimes oily or dry depending on the environment and my hormones. So I need to switch up my skincare to help my skin overcome such changes. I recently here are some of my winter skincare must-haves! 
Facial Scrub (FS) - I use FS a few times a week. It's suitable for daily use but I have sensitive skin so I try not to use it daily. Also, it's able to keep my skin feeling smooth for days, so I didn't see a need to use it daily. I brought it with me on my Taiwan trip cause these days (thanks to my hormones) my skin sometimes has flakes when it is dry. FS helps to clear up all the dry flakes! 
Delicate Cleanser (C2) - I use both C1 and C2 on a daily basis, depending on my skin condition. For winter trips, the air is dry, so I'll always bring C2 with me as it is more suitable for dry skin. 
Intensive Moisturizer (IM) - I usually use RS and OM in Singapore, and occasionally IM when my skin is a little drier. But for winter, I'll definitely use IM cause it is richer and hydrating. 
Dermashield Mask (DM) - I use IDS Aesthetics Hydration Masks and DM on a weekly basis. Masks are a must-have for winter trips to hydrate the skin. I brought DM to my Taiwan trip cause I find that the air is more polluted there and DM has properties to counter that. 
Tinted Sunscreen (S3) - I use both S2 and S3 but brought S3 for my trip cause it's tinted and has replaced my foundation. I haven't used any foundation since 2020. Anyway, don't think you can't get sunburn when it's cold. It is a must to apply sunscreen daily regardless of rain or shine, or even snow. UV rays are always around even if you don't see the sun's rays.
Bonus: Dew Mist Mi Facial - Do a good hydration facial before your trip. What I did was I did Hyro Facial to deep cleanse and hydrate my skin about a week before my trip and Dew Mist Mi facial a few days before my trip! It kept my skin really plump and hydrated throughout the trip and it was a good skin day every day!
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Have a great winter trip! ❅

*Credits to Katelyn

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